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  1. I voted no, as ‘shattered’ is too an abrupt a term. My faith has simply been steadily eroded away ever since the release of the GK Dread Knight. The latest failure has simply moved me to a new all time low.

  2. No, this hasn’t shattered my faith in GW. I just finished listening to the aptly named “Bitchfest 2014” and although I agree with a few points I disagree on a lot as well.

    In regards to getting stuck into GW over trying to create a preorder market; it works, everything from sneakers to video games shows that this works as a marketing technique, I think that it is high time we stop bashing GW for being a company with share holders. I agree that it may be frustrating not being able to get a copy of something on release day but honestly if you are going to bitch and whine about it why not just order a preorder copy? Why does preordering hurt your pride? I just don’t get the hate shovelled at GW for this, if I want it that much I will preorder it, I am pretty sure we are all old enough to own a credit card and be able to budget if the release is not on pay day. And wanting to buy it from an indy retailer is not a reason, GW ship world wide, the only reason you buy form indy retailers is to get a discount, so what you are actually bitching about is not being able to screw the company that made the product out of a few dollars by going to a reseller, if that is what you want to do just go find it in internet land a few days after release (the effort Nathan went through to dress his son up and drive around in the snow instead of just sitting butt naked at a pc and using his credit card to preorder hurts my brain).

    I think that we are far too conditioned to bitch and whine about everything that GW does, it is part of the gamer subculture (I see it in video games, card games etc) to bitch and whine. I thought it was fucking laughable when Nathan suggested holding back a book release like Khaine by a week to print more copies to fill orders. Could you imagine what you two would do to GW if they postponed a launch? could you imagine what the internet would do? it would be the god damn end times for real.

    We spent years and years (I’ve been in this hobby for 22years) asking/begging/ screaming for more releases and now when they do this the community explodes in outrage. The end times was never expected to be as big a hit as they thought, as such they didn’t print a tonne of books for it, that is why they are trying to print more soft backs as we speak, that sounds like a company trying to give us what we want, and for heavens sake what’s wrong with just getting the electronic version?

    As I said above I have been in the hobby for 22 years, sure at times I didn’t play for a while and just read black library or hung out on forums etc but this is a hobby that for most people is a fairly large part of their lives, not printing enough books or wanting us to preorder (so their company can take a punt on a failing game like Fantasy) is not going to shatter any true fan’s faith. You don’t need to like the company to love the hobby, but take a second to think about everything GW has added to your lives and realise that maybe they deserve a little thanks and respect instead of being the punching bag each week.

    That said love the show and I understand that if you turned up with flowers in your hair and talked about moonbeams and lollipops all the time it wouldn’t really be Jaded Gamercast.

    • So much to reply to here… But not really going to accomplish much by doing so. Instead I’ll just say that I think you miss the point simply because we view the idea of preorders very differently. Thanks for commenting 😊

    • I agree with everything except the reason to buy from indy retailers…

      I buy from Imaginary Wars, because I game at Imaginary Wars & generally like the fellow that runs the place. I don’t get a straight discount as everything costs exactly the same as it does 2 blocks North at the local GW. The big difference is the markup on the book goes into the owner’s pocket and not into GW’s.

      Beyond that, I agree with everything else you’ve written.

  3. This whole pre-order disaster just further highlights that GW is totally in the dark about what kind of company they need to be. Limiting a product that people want creates demand, sure, but it also results in lost sales and fewer satisfied consumers.

    I just don’t get how a company with a 40% sales drop in the previous year would do something else that will no doubt result in fewer sales. I agree with your pre-order culture points, but setting that aside, you’d think delusions of grandeur would give way to math at some point. Apparently not.

  4. GW managed to shatter my love for them and their products long ago. I will still read the Black Library novels because the IP is just amazing, one of the best SciFi IPS ever made. But the games and the models, although amazing, no longer hold my interest.

    Now, that being said, show GW wake the fuck up and realize that they are selling a game and not models, and finally realize that they need to fix their game and business model, I could come back.

  5. I quite like the discussion of Preorder Cultre in this episode. It’s an interesting topic and I feel is warrants further scrutiny. My faith in GW has also been eroded over the last few months and their shift towards exclusivity has been disappointing. Since the latest release of my preferred Codex, my interest has waned substantially. When your rules set requires 30 – 100 miniatures to play a decent sized game, the concept of limited editions should be laughable. Alas that is not the case, and this has pushed me towards “skirmish” style games as of late.

  6. Been in the hobby since ’93….. Can’t say I’ve been playing all those years but collecting and painting. Not much collecting for a while now.

    My vote was “ship sailed” mainly do to the holy crap price increases. Purchases have been minimal…. Think I’ve bought 5 items in the last 3 years. I’ve sold a couple armies in that time just to keep the stuff I want to work on.

    Still love the universe(s) but no longer buying. Can’t understand how the hobby community will grow with the current silliness.

    If I could ask for one thing from them, end allies & sell complete codex books. Or offer downloads so we can all play the same version of the game. (I don’t have FW or the 20 supplements to deal with the new jenkyness)

  7. GW is more happy memories than anything else now. I am more likely to sell GW models than buy any new ones. I still have a soft spot for some GW models but jaded with the warhammer games. I am not even sure if I will buy the next set of core rules when they come out.

  8. Yes, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, i wrote a huge blog post about it explaining my whole reasoning. I cant fathom why GW has been silent on this, a blog post explaining the situation would go miles to fix the situation and so far we have had nothing but crushing silence.

  9. Hard to shatter something that’s been falling apart for years. I have not played much beyond a couple of games in the last year and just fall more and more out of the company I loved as a kid. Your episode actually stoked my resentment enough for me to finally get me around to just selling off my fantasy and 40 and just wash hands with this abusively expensive and un-fulfilling (these days) relationship. Thanks Jaded Gamercast – Fuck Off!

  10. The ship sailed long ago in the sense that I don’t really GW any more, I don’t organize anything Warhammer for local Cons or shops, and I turn new gamers on to other games instead of Warhammer. In all honesty, though, when a friend with a fully painted army occasionally sends me a text that says “Karl Franz must die,” I will meet the challenge and play a game of WHF with her or him and have a pretty good time. I will always like the Empire and what it did for the fantasy genre, and so I will probably never be entirely rid of the game, even if I have no faith at all in the company.

  11. It’s a tough call. Ultimately I voted no. The scope and quality of the products they are releasing are better than they ever have been. As someone who has been a 40k player on and off for nearly 20 years, it is hard not to get excited when they get around to releasing models that only had representation in my imagination for so long.

    My emotional investment in the worlds they’ve created is probably too strong to ever just drop them as a company, but I’m very careful about what I buy from them and how. That means no idiotic “limited edition” codexes, or limited edition anything. None of that stuff has any real value or functional difference, and if they are going to revise rules every two years that’s even less incentive to buy into these pocket-gouging slip covers.

    Also, fuck pre-orders. Fuck them. And fuck this bullshit manufactured supply shortage stuff. I agree with voting with your wallet and not rewarding GW’s bad behavior, just not with ditching them full stop.

    Being involved in a bunch of other cool games also means that we’re not captive to them for our tabletop fix, so it’s increasingly easy to resist their horrid sales tactics.

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