One thought on “Episode 283

  1. If anyone told me that the my favourite legions from the heresy would be the world eaters and word bearers I would have laughed. What ADB wrote is the most human any space marines have ever felt. BTW I’m ignoring all of the shittier portrayals of the word bearers. I think the main reason the word bearers “suck” is that being living weapons and generals was never enough for them. Lorgar is one of the more interesting primarchs to read about, because he doubts. He didn’t just pick team good or team evil. Because that isn’t what the heresy was supposed to be about to him. And the sorrow of Kharne when he tells Argel Tal that Angron is the burden that every world eater has to bear. A father that hates his legion and the crusade they fight. That was heavy emotional shit, at least for space marines it is. While Dan is maybe to better overall writer, he leans pretty heavily into the heroic paragon stuff when he writes marines. Btw finally read ADBs Spear of the Emperor and its very good. Not Talos or Argel Tal good, but still.

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