Episode 203: Bitchfest 2014

This week Lange and Nathan review… nothing. Yep, you heard right… nothing. Nothing at all. Why? Cause fuck em, that’s why. That’s how Games Workshop feels about their customers. Were you excited for End Times book three? Fuck you. Were you excited for new Tyranid rules out of Baal? Fuck you. Were you excited for some new Planetfall stats? Fuck you… also, Hunger Games and the New Star Wars trailer in Something Shiny! Listen and Enjoy!!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

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6 thoughts on “Episode 203: Bitchfest 2014

  1. Your remarks about the Khaine book being impossible to get smacks of GW’s recent strategies of not releasing shit that would make them more money, which is a fucking communist thing to do. Like with my own personal hate…that Eldar jetbikes weren’t part of the last release despite the fact that an updated model, which looks fantastic, has been in existence somewhere in GWHQ for years. Eldar aren’t fetish marines but their jetbikes would still have sold shitloads because they are such an iconic unit.

    • All company’s have their good points and there bad points, who would of thought that the end times book would sell so well in Kansas city WHFB is a lot less played and an expansion for a not popular game no wonder they did not print that many. I have played 40k for a long time and I buy stuff that I want if I don’t want to add it to my army I don’t buy it. I don’t think that they are trying to take away any sales from local stores I just think that they are a modal company that has poor customer service. Is that bad yea but so what. They are not in my house they are not serving my food they make my toys. Have you ever tried the customer service on any other toys you get. No they all send you to a computer that takes 30 min then you talk to the most anoing person in the world one the line. But as rare as it has been were I have ever had to call up games workshop they have been very helpful.

      I dont play 40k for the service I play it for the game and this rule set they have out and the new codex’s are more fun and balanced than any other set I have seen. I have allot of fun when I play 40k and I have played 1000s hours of the game and it still is fun and not stale. So for you all to say because of this small thing your not going to enjoy your hobbies any more is silly, oh I didn’t get the hard cover when i first came out because they didn’t make enough, They will make a soft cover if you need and hard back than treat it like a collectible and ebay for it. The game and modals are very very good thats the point.

      • My disappointment with the Eldar release hasn’t stopped me from buying GW products. What I fail to understand is certain business practices of theirs that deny them the chance to make more profit, such as not releasing models that would sell in decent numbers, or printing more of a certain line that they know will be in demand. They appear to be very contemptuous of their customers at the moment, actively so, and this goes against every business instinct we have.

  2. Hi Guys,

    I have become a bit disillusioned with GW.

    I forked over a pretty hefty wad of cash for a hardback rulebook, only to have it become worthless in two years.

    Which in my eyes breaks the unspoken social contract that GW wont update their rules sets for roughly four years.

    So right now me, and my buddy James are still playing 6th edition (ed), and will continue to play 6th ed for the next two years, till we get the value promised when we bought these rules sets.

    We still enjoy playing 40K, but we just use 6th ed rules and codices.

    Insider tip: playing 6th ed is just as much fun as playing 7th ed, if neither players is a douche bag.

    ….Actually if I’m really honest these days I’m having more fun, and getting more excited, about playing Dropzone Commander.

  3. Meh… I still follow GW news because they’re the elephant in the room but it’s hard for me to get an emotional response, positive or negative, for anything they do. Having said that, GW is like a motor accident in slow motion – you know what’s coming and yet you can’t tear your eyes away.

    I was kinda excited to hear about End Times 40k, but it’s three years too late for me. I’ve got my black eyes and I’m done with that relationship.

    Frankly, I’m having more fun with ww2 and giant robot games. Now, if only somebody would put giant robots into ww2…

  4. Recently listened to the episode – I understand the frustration. I think it’s rightfully placed, though I disagree that GW is limiting supply simply to create exclusivity. I think this is only true for the (horrendously overpriced) Limited Editions.

    What you guys failed to discuss, was the lead times involved in the printing of these books. I write for the company in the games industry and the lead time between writing, printing, then release is probably MUCH longer than people realize. Point is: GW most likely had all the stock of the hardcover Khaine books that they were EVER going to get, before Nagash even came out. By the time they realized End Times was exploding there was no OPPORTUNITY to go and print more in hardcover. In the podcast you repeatedly ask, “Why didn’t they print more once they knew there was demand?” The answer was: they couldn’t. They printed some more in softcover, this was likely the only option available to them at the time.

    Given their hectic release schedule, the schedule for their printer for hard cover material is likely set for months (or a year or more) ahead of time. In short: they could not print more End Times books because their printer is booked printing 9th Ed WHFB or the Necron or Eldar codex. Depending on the speed and availability of their printer, even if they sent an immediate “STOP THE PRESSES” order to the printer as soon as they saw Nagash blow up, it is possible/likely that they STILL couldn’t have got more hard cover books available for distribution in time.

    Is this incompetence on GW’s part? For sure that is a good deal of it. However, the situation they were probably in was to guess how many of ALL of the End Times books to print before the first one was ever released. Someone made a guess based on how many WHFB books sold in the past, guessing demand. They were wrong. Are sales suffering? No doubt. Do people have a right to be upset? Yes, I suppose so. But I do believe that the limited availability of the “non-special” editions was NOT intentional, and GW itself likely wishes they had the stock available to meet demand.

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