5 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Polls

  1. depends on the traits but if i already had a start to an army or couldn’t shake the imiage of a guard force i’d probably go for it.

    if they did away with the allies bullshit and got people to play the army that got them excited to play the game it would be alot more fun. hell, i’d still probably have a group to play 40K with. if you get a lot of crying on this one just tell ’em they have a nice start on a second force.

    miss the old vets nights guys, painted armies and no grey plastic…..

  2. First Question: No, I don’t really care for IG. Their tanks just don’t look good enough. But they GW did miss the mark by ignoring non-cadians regiments. Their codex seems, not exactly mono build but kinda. The Dark Angels for example where three different armies in one book, Chaos Demons had four, Space Marine seven. But IG is like Tyranids, Eldar or Tau, only really one army that is described in the codex. Maybe they will fix that with a supplement, but I doubt it.

    Second: I think 6th edition is pretty close to be balanced. IMHO Dark Angels, CSM, (most) SM and Tyranids are on one power level. But Eldar and Tau are on another. And then there are some uber-syngeries with battle brothers and the ally system. I somebody would listen to me, I would prefer a nerv of the later to balance the game.

  3. I’m so close now to buying guard, it hurts. Then, like said on the podcast, I look at my 3000 points of Eldar sitting in box and realize that I won’t be touching it anytime soon. I want to shovel GW all the dollars, but their business practices of generally treating me as an inanimate wallet whose singular purpose is to vomit dollars into their coffers keeps me away from purchasing product right now. The new guard codex is amazing and Pask Punishers tickle my fancy, but I just cannot commit that level of cash to GW when I know I could buy three armies in different games and still have enough for all the booze I need to power the painting prowess to get the job done.

  4. Question 1
    Look. I did the most inane conversion ever (replacing Castellan Crow’s Stormbolter forearm with a regular marine forearm) just because I wanted to play a Chaos Lord called “The Dark Castellan,” and I Converted 20 Bretonnians into guard for the old Daemon Hunters Codex. If there were special rules so that I could personalize these characters/troops it wouldn’t have changed my plans at all. I did it (and to some extent, with Fantasy, still do) because I like playing the game and I like the fluff. 40k just isn’t that fun any more, and I can’t get excited to actually play or nerd out about the fluff. If it were a blast every time I played, if I wasn’t worried every time about someone feeling like shit after the game, and if the fluff in the books wasn’t so off-putting (in the case of some of the Guard I am drawn to) then I would totally be looking at Forgeworld and my own conversions to make some cool Guard army that no one saw coming. As it stands now, though, I just can’t get turned on about it.

    Question 2
    The codices don’t seem balanced at all. Tactics in this game ultimately amount to list building, and some armies have more tricks than others, especially with revolving codex editions. Even more than rules balance, I am just exhausted at the idea of keeping up with the mouth breather at the local shop/event who likes to outlist opponents with silly, unpainted, and wildly expensive armies. I don’t want to buy a ton of models that I don’t even like just to keep up with players whom I don’t respect. Even if I did, the game is going to change again next week and all of the purchasing will have to happen again. This isn’t balance — it’s a never-ending pursuit of more powerful choices than your opponent can muster.

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