14 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. To be honest, it seems like it’s only the Marines who are getting multiple Supplementals (not Data Slates). Chaos got two, but they’re just Marines with an extra spiky bitz sprue. Sure, there’s a lot of fluff potential in the Imperial Guard, but then you could say the same about the Eldar and they only have one.

    Would I like to see them fill out the Astra… Imperial… Men with 5+ saves? Hells yes.
    Is it likely to happen somewhere outside of Forge World? Probably not.

    • The problem is they are not taking opportunities to make money. They could own part of my house if they did things to make money. We want legitimate cash grabs cause that means there is something worth buying. They’re not providing enough to keep me interested.

  2. Well it’s already been said and it’s obvious that they’ll get at least a couple data slates/supplements. I mean they already have one in the form of the Tempestus codex. (Cuz they’re not calling them supplements anymore!) Every iconic army got multiple add-ons, and any army that has been updated already has one ..least all the ones that matter *cough sisters cough*

  3. I don’t think we will be getting multiple Guard supplements. The reason is that they do not have new or viable models for the other Guard factions. For all the other supplements we have seen you could make those armies from the current in-store range. You can’t make Vostroyans/Tallarn/Tanith from the standard Guard boxes.

    We might see a Catachan supplement, but then again those are now also web-exclusives so I also doubt that.

  4. No more than other armies. If tyranids has shone us anything is that when gw has an opportunity to do good for the hobby or hell their own damn profits they line up a shark and suck its dick as they fucking jump it. We will see the Cadian and catachan supplements and a data slates on taurox platoons and blob squads. Want more? Fuck you. As traPped in the basement said, we are used to taking so much gw cock.

  5. If by codex supplements you mean supplement: Cadians and supplement: Those new Guys you don’t know about or give a fuck about, I would vote a resounding yes.

  6. I voted no.

    You have to pay some stooge to develop the content, another to edit/publish and finally one to click “upload” so that neck beards can buy it. That costs money.

    Last year was a high-stakes gamble with lots of great content but it didn’t pay off as far as profits were concerned. I believe it is as a result of this that the books released this year – Nids, Dwarves and Guard – have all been fairly conservative updates, not major shake ups.

    Also, if the rumors of 7th edition are to be believed, I think their goal is still to update all books before this is released.

    You *might* see a cut and paste points update of the ancient Catachan codex, maybe with a few new toys like the flyers. However, if you can’t model it with a recently released model, you won’t see a supplement – Guard are popular but they’re not marines.

    Actually, fuck all that, we’ve seen the storm trooper book and I bet we’ll see an Ogyrn Auxillaria supplement :)!

  7. Its like gdubs is just adjusting as they go and have no fucking plan. Im no chaos player but they are obvious choices to drop supplements on.

  8. I don’t have anything different to say on the poll. I just liked that someone besides me is still complaining about the Tyranid release. Looking at you Chris Carlson. You know what’s up.

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