Episode 169: AIDS Cancer

This week Lange and Nathan talk about the plethora of new models being released from Spartan Games and Games Workshop. How do they feel about he Bebop Truck? Listen as Lange drops massive revelations about 40K continuity. How does the new Aquan models stack up against the existing models? Also, movies chat regarding 300: Rise of an Empire as well as drunken ramblings about TV shows. Listen and enjoy!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

Direct Download the podcast here!

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5 thoughts on “Episode 169: AIDS Cancer

  1. I’m off the opinion when ever a ch- is in a word it’s pronounced ch not K

    Sincerely CHris carlson
    ps. Isn’t all these words and pronunciation just English words for the language of the far future which is likely mandarins anyway a la firefly

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