8 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. It doesn’t match the current theme but it still looks interesting on its own. You compared it to nids, but they have changed the look to nids as well. If they don’t conintue this new style then it’s dumb, but if they do then this was just the tip of the iceberg and most likely GW testing the waters before completely redoing the line.

  2. This may be somewhat heretical, but I’d like to see the Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum / Man Hordes in Space vehicles get a bit of a facelift. Sure, there’s the STC limitation to consider, but that didn’t stop the Space Marine vehicles getting a makeover a few years back.

    That doesn’t stop the Taurox from looking laughably bad, but it’s still not as bad as the Skull Dozer. Even if you replace the Dozer’s head with Sting…

  3. The bebop truck is worse for the simple reason that at least the skull dozer has legitimate fluff precedent of an outdated game system’s model. Where’s this bebop truck from? The bebop expanse? The bebop storm?

    Note on something shiny. Prometheus is what you get when a man who wanted to do “At the mountains of madness – Lovecraft” is forced to do an aliens movie. You get at the mountains of madness in space with a chest burster. Go read or listen to an free audio drama of that story and behold how close it is. Change alien planet to Antarctica and drop the Mic!

  4. You guys are mad. The Taurox looks awesome. I am really stoked for it. The storm troopers look great as well.

    Just because we haven’t seen this specific design in images/fluff before, so what. Do we never want anything new? There must be many STC’s that we haven’t seen yet in the fluff or game. It’s not like they have ever said that the chimera and russ is all there is.

  5. Note that I misvoted, and meant to vote skulltron as the worst. I don’t think that the aesthetic is WAY off but it is. I’m willing to write it off as being because they’re not guard officially though. As to the look of the model, I see this as no different than 90% of GW’s releases, which can be massively improved by removing a lot of the details. But about the retarded design of the vehicle: That’s kind of 40k’s schtick. Everything’s retarded for humans. It’s done on purpose too, 40k is a satire, and never meant to be taken seriously. Look at the other tanks, which are using the long extinct sponsons, and have armour covering their tracks (I don’t know why that stopped, but it’s rare now), with turrets that require a chiropractor (‘K’ sound, not ‘CH’) to exit. The armour geometry of the tanks and the overall chasis (‘SH’ sound, not ‘CH’) is ludicrously primitive too. Andy Chambers I believe wrote an article aeons (HAIL MEGATRON) ago about the retardation of all these tank designs and explained that it’s supposed to be backwards and foolish. The designs aren’t actually what they would really be in the setting, but are what the tanks would look like if we could perceive them in the context of the setting. Kind of like how everyone in the setting speaks English in the fiction, even if it’s Low/High Gothic.

    At the risk of sounding like a Retardicon, I think you guys are crazy about the Storm Troopers. Are you looking at the Kasrkin models or something?

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