3 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Well thinking about it the only thing GW knows that will sell are books. Look at 6th edition had more armies released or redone then any other period of time for 40k. This should have been like blood in the water for hungry 40k nerds and GW rollin fat and happy with huge amounts of money. I know some people were happy but I felt like we had more people playing in 5th and happier with the game overall and building all different types of armies. Also we know GW is in year 2 of profit lose but with the 40k releases alone should of had them in the green with the amount of release if the community liked where the game was going.

    Anyways they want us to buy the books in hopes that we will find something better. Also if I’m not mistaken most of the good stuff being gear or formations are found in the supplements now. $50 Codex + $50 Supplement = $100 disappointment

    They are like a nasty drug dealer with the next hit only costing $$$ and we take it in hopes that it will be better then the crap they keep feeding us.

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