8 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I’d love to see a game about space exploration. That wouldn’t really work as a miniature wargame, but it could make a fun boardgame.
    Meanwhile, I’d really love a Hyborian Age wargame. Something at 10-15mm, with big units, magic and monsters (kinda like Warmaster, but a bit bigger in miniature scale).

  2. This was a tough choice. I love Mesoamerican mythology, but there is a game that already covers it – Going Native: Warpath

    With that in mind, I’d love a Robocop/Blade Runner style game. Probably skirmish level, 32mm figures, plenty of terrain, multiple factions. Might even do it myself one day.

  3. I would love to see a skirmish game for futuristic law enforcement vs. gangers and the odd super high tech faction with a bit of shadow ops with psychic abilities thrown in. Perhaps in a 40K setting. … Oh wait…. this would probably fall under the law enforcement in a Dystopian Future category – which is what I voted.

    Ok seriously, Necromunda needs a rules overhaul. I think there is room for a generic rules set, a GURPS for tabletop space skirmish games if you will, where you can select any current model range in which to establish your paradigm.

  4. I would like a new Mad Max/Freeway Fighter inspired game. Voted ‘More sports themed games’ to show my support for Blood Bowl…..you have made me imagine an Orc badminton miniatures game and I have already worked out the basic rules in my head.

  5. I think it’d be cool to see a WW1 trench raid/tunneller skirmish game (with orcs and zombies). Weapons would be sharpened shovels, pistols and knives. Lots of knives. You could punctuate the game with explosions and machinegun fire.

    With the WW1 centennary, you’ll probably see a lot of interest in this genre over the next few years.

  6. Other, actually a very specific other, I’d just like to see the dearly departed computer games designers Vigil’s game Darksiders turned into a miniatures wargame.
    For those that have never played it. Post apocalyptic, literally post apocalyptic, angels and Demons and 4 Horsemen.
    Apocalypse happend at wrong time, humans all dead (and Zombies), earth the doman of demons, Angelic army cut of from Heaven and being whitled down, War framed starting the Apocalypse and seeking proof of innosence.
    Table top game could pick up where the 2 games left of.
    (Some one but this IP please)

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