4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Even if I had enough models for a full army, I think I’d still follow your suggestion of using them as counts-as Marines. Hell, I’d even pick the Iron Hands Chapter Tactic and make…

    …the IRON MAIDENS!


    (Then I would start sleeping on the couch as buying those ridiculously overpriced models would put me in the dog box with my wife for some time)

  2. I took out the small force of sisters that I had in a box, thought about it for a good three tenths of a second, checked eBay and listed them. Sayonara bitches.

    Better to make some money on them right now when the fires of hope have been stoked in the belly of some underground vassal ninja by a fresh digital update than to *hope* they get better so I can justify using them one day down the road.

    A good pimp knows when to turn his ladies out.

  3. You guys were talking about fluff armies the other day and thats what the sisters are. They arent going to hack it along with the space smurfs but they dont need to. They need to be a lot of fun, a little quirky and look different.

    Maybe a better question is if you had a Sisters Army would the codex encourage you to use them as allies for added variety and flavour?

    To use a drinking metaphor they strike me as a nice cocktail. You’ll drink one or two now and again but they wont ever be your main drink of choice. The question really is do they have enough flavour to be a favourite cocktail?

  4. I think I would play white scars with sisters models. Although as a allied detachment they wouldn’t be bad with white scars. Daughters of the Khan.

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