6 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I put I don’t give a shit, as depending on the game it could go either way. With something like Warhammer/40k or Firestorm Armada where there is ample for player made backstory and customized color schemes or even the models themselves you pretty much have to give players that choice.

    Conversely for other games with a more limited model range like Star Trek/Star Wars minis, that also draws on IP and lore that is fairly cut and dry (compared to 40k, and it’s huge potential for additional story), It’s easy enough to just pre-paint everything seeing as how no Starfleet Captain has ever been allowed to put racing stripes and a cherry bomb muffler on a Defiant class starship.

    • I disagree Conor. I think pre-painting is a big step for a company when it comes to tabletop games due to it promoting inclusion in the hobby. Imagine if GW put out a starter box that was pre-painted 3 colors. Ultramarines and Orks. Both are iconic and simple and both meet a simple requirement for the armies they represent. How many people do you think would be more likely to get into the hobby and painting? At the very least you would see more people with Starter kit armies.
      In Star Trek if I decide to paint all my Klingons grey instead of green, there is nothing to stop me from doing so. Hell, they cold all be pink for all anyone cares. However, at least in ST you won’t ever have to play against the grey hordes.

      There is no situation I can see where providing painted models is a bad thing.

      • That’s a fair point. If they want to force a player to look at the fluff and see what direction they want to take their army, then yes, absolutely encourage them to paint their models (by supplying them unpainted, in GW’s case). But take something like Star Trek, which is a well known universe, has had a fanatical fan base that, at times, knows the background material to a savant-like level who would probably expect effort to be given towards the look and feel of it. Not necessarily by themselves though, as not every Star Trek fan is a hobbyist.

        so I guess I misspoke when i said it’s entirely easy for a company to make their entire product pre-painted (re-reading my above post it reads like I may have meant in producing). Allow me to correct myself and say that it’s easy to see how they made that decision for the sake of inclusion. Whereas Warhammer started of as a hobby-game and has stayed that way for the love of how involved it gets people, that defintely doesn’t appeal to everyone. I wasn’t trying to say pre-painting is the devil. if someone did want to repaint their Star Trek/Star Wars minis I certainly wouldn’t call it wasted effort.

        I put that I didn’t care as ultimately the companies will put out whatever models they feel like and people will do with them what they please. One point you made i cannot quibble over is never having to face the great grey hordes, which is something i had not considered. And that all is probably what i should have said in the first place.

  2. If they are painted neatly then its a great idea. If they look like they’re painted by someone with parkinsons or some hipster impressionist, perhaps not.

  3. I have no problem with pre-paints and the biggest advantage is that you can open the box, read the rules, get out the mini’s and off you go playing.

    When you have a family then time becomes of the essence and something fast to set up is a real bonus.

    If it’s a game that I’m really into then I’m happy to invest time in it but painting figures just isn’t my favourite activity. I’d rather spend the time creating new scenarios or adventures.

    Enjoying your podcast and this episode on the Star Trek game was very informative. Seriously tempted to get into it but I was on the cusp of getting Dreadball and I don’t have the time to run two new games … which would you pick?



    • I always find sports games to be fairly lacking and limited in scope. With that said, I have never played Dreadball nor do I know anyone who has. Star Trek is cheap and fun. Way more fun than I thought it would be. Just be careful, Romulans are bullshit. 🙂

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