Episode 122: Knife Punching

This week Lange and Nathan sit down to review the new Tau Codex for WarHammer 40K! Will the changes to the Tau core rules break the game or will the assault phase continue to destory the poor Tau Empire. Fuck Kroot? Pulse Bomb FAQ? Also, we talk about our least favorite newly released Tau model in Model of the Week! Listen and Enjoy!!

Model of the Week!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

Direct Download the podcast here!

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One thought on “Episode 122: Knife Punching

  1. No sooner do you post the episode, GW nerf the shit out your idea. Tau have a FAQ out already restricting missile drones to broadsides.

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