3 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Id vote for breaking of thematic intent(Ignore my overpower team with omega red and colossus), or endless walls of cheese builds(currently losing my shit in totalwarhammer)

    So I voted snowball.

  2. There’s nothing I can do about getting bent over by my dice. There’s nothing I can do about someone out playing me. But forgetting a rule/ability/tactic is all on meand it’s all my fault.

    I can be completely cool about the first two things, but I will beat myself up for days when I screw up because when I forget I had a special rule that could have changed the game but I… Crap now I’m pissed off!!! Thanks Jaded Gamercast.

  3. Getting out played in Warmachine V2 tilted me, not then and there, just after. I played against a friend, I brought what I had (being new), which was mostly army box sets, he brought his tournament army, well put together and lethal.

    That experience burned me out of all gaming for a couple of months now. I’m not the best player, I’m more casual and there to learn and have fun. I know going in I’m going to get fucked in the ass, the question is: How many times does that happen with out a reach around before you give up?

    With Fantasy and 40K, I always felt that I got a reach around.

    I think I am getting fed up with I-go-U-go games in general. Time to play bolt action or Lange’s favorite: Gates of Antaries, since I know how much he loves the models.

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