4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Since you guys have been harping on the Demonic shin guard and saddle as a sad fate for any demon for some time now, I’d like to play Devil’s advocate and just point out it might not be as bad as you think… a Slaanesh saddle probably has all sorts of extra functions and has a pretty high chance to be mounted by a female/hermaphrodite chaos champion or demon; heck depending on personal preferences (of the saddle) it might even enjoy a male rough rider…
    So being a demonic saddle isn’t 100% the worst fate, since it definitely grants you much more ‘Action’ than being the machine spirit of a shipping container after all:)

  2. It’s these kinds of deep, philosophical questions that keep me awake at night, and keep me listening to this train wreck of a podcast :p

  3. I see the machine spirit like the dinosaur that had the crappy job in the Flintstones…”its a living” they have a crappy job but they’re doing their part to serve the god emperor.

    The demon saddle on the other hand…thats a punishment. I can see this eager but unliked demon in the ether.. Hes all excited he gets to come over to the mortal realm. Will he be a demon weapon? Will he be bound to an ancient and venerable armor? Will he be a voice in the head of a helbrute? A land raider? No…he gets balls. He doesn’t even get to castrate someone…he gets to live out his existance in our realm getting his back waxed by a sweaty beanbag. When hia rider goes to find glory in battle all he gets is his masters eager farts washing over him as the better demons that inhabit cool parts if his gear get to have fun. Even the poor bastard in the shin guard gets to remind Ballsackor the Saddle Demon about that one time their master kicked a space marine and Shingon got to crush his loyalist face in. Thats right even the shin demon gets to mock lowly Ballsackor.

    Incidentially i played bass for Ballsackor.

  4. Sweaty deamon sacks aren’t apealing, but considers the alternative. Getting filled up with useless crap, then stuck in city size warehouse for a century or two at a time before getting moved to another warehouse before finally have some stupid marine stick storm bolters on you, forgets to use them, then you get shot full of holes.

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