4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I voted 75, assuming I really couldn’t find a use for the leftovers from the kit, but since I am mainly a heavy converter, it rarely ever happens that I can’t eventually figure out some way to use random models or parts in conversions.
    Looking at the Silver tower box, I have ideas to scavenge half of the models to be converted for other game systems, but they don’t quite excite me enough to drop that much money just for those models.

  2. This is like buying a hooker and her kids a nice dinner on top of the tip on the nightstand. I said $50 because I couldn’t vote 0. I have yet to find a model so incredible that I will buy other models along with it that I have no plans on using.

    Between buying the individual model on eBay from a chop shop, or converting my own there are enough ways to get what I want without having to buying extra.

  3. Zero. If i want a single piece ill go to ebay or something. I wouldnt buy an expensive kit for just one piece. Our hobby is already insanely expensive. Why make it worse?

  4. Voted $50 and would probably not even go that high. I don’t really subscribe to the highway robbery of playing lots of money to get one bit that isn’t nearly worth the money paid, like purchasing a whole X-Wing ship to get a piece of paper if I don’t have any use of the ship itself. I would feel to robbed to enjoy it.

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