6 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I own BFG:A, it’s complete garbage atm. Instead of big fleet battles we have a bunch of ships pretending they’re MOBA heroes in space. Fuck Tindalos!
    Played all Total War games ever (there’ve been 2 new ones after Shogun 2: Rome 2 & Attila) but CA’s going retard and quality has dived. They’re no longer capable of balancing so they just pour as much flash on it as possible and then market the fuck out of it. Yay, successful… Fuck CA!
    Loved DoW1 (it did actually innovate on the RTS scene, like adding the concept of ‘cover’ and unit squads rather than umpteen individual little dudes running around), hated DoW2’s pretence of being called an RTS, will probably hate this one too (and I’ve seen some screenies, everything looks horribly bright coloured). Fuck Relic!
    40k Eternal War -might- be nice. I enjoyed Space Marine despite its many flaws, and this one seems it might be close. I reserve judgement until the game hits open beta.
    Eisenhorn… Mark Strong’s narration sounds awesome, but the gameplay sounds like it’ll make me want to kill myself (even if they remove all the bugs) so I’ll likely pass.

    Maybe we get lucky and BL gets Mark Strong to do the Eisenhorn book trilogy in audio format?

  2. I’m torn between DOW3 and Total Warhammer. I agree that the trailer was horrendous for DOW but I’ve heard that they are going back to the original format of DOW1. I hated DOW2, but loved the gameplay from 1.

    RTS and map based strategy are both game types I love, but I agree they are less popular than they used to be. I love the Total War series and have enjoyed the last few – Rome, Rome 2, Shogun 2, so I have high hopes for it and look forward to trying it out.

    In the end though I went with Dawn of War 3 because I have seen a lot for Total Warhammer, so I think I know what I’m getting there, but I’m looking forward to seeing more from DOW3

  3. you left off a choice; none.

    the divorce is almost final but i think GW is going to make an attempt at a pity fuck this fall…

  4. I’d go with Eisenhorn if they gifted it to me on Steam because I loved Dan Abnett’s characters. GW, “discovered the internet” behind everyone else so it stands to reason they discover game concepts that are years behind everyone else.

    I think there is something else at work here as well. The realization that, “People play board games?” is another of their recent “discoveries”. So much the the better if they can whore out gam gam in lipstick without having to do any game design of their own and collect coin from licensed work. I’m surprised they aren’t trying harder. Making virtual models is cheaper than producing tabletop models so I figured they would be all over it.

    I miss their classic creative team from back in the day when they actually had a design studio with people like Jervis Johnson, Rick Priestly, Andy Chambers, Alessio Cavatore, Tuomas Pirinen. Game Designers instead of sock puppet roly polys gushing about how awesome everything they aren’t making is.

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