Weekly Listener Poll

“How many years should pass before you cut ties with a game you don’t play anymore? Yes, I am aware that this is somewhat ironic considering that we are still doing a podcast where we routinely talk about games we don’t play anymore. So fuck off, just vote. Damn, get off my back already.”

4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I’m a collector in addition to being a gamer. I also take pride in my mediocre painting. I don’t see myself ever letting a game go and selling models. I also don’t invest any more in it…after GW gave us their combination of firing fantasy players and not caring about 40k rules anymore i stopped playing and buying. But I’m keeping what i have. It will look nice on a shelf at least.

  2. .Civil War was amazing. Despite bring longer than Age of Ultron it shorter because the story was tighter and more engaging. They nailed Black Panther, and Spider-Man. Paul Rudd was funnier this time around. And while the debate between heroism and vigilanty is a well trod plot they did it exceptionaly well. It was interesting to watch the characters grow and see how much they’ve evolved it the course of the films. It was also the first Marvel movie my wife asked to go see without me having to spend points.

    Granted, she kept asking who Black Panther and Ant Man were, (I tried twice to get her to watch Any Man but she fell asleep in the first 15 minutes), drooling over Chris Evans, and wondering why they changed actors for Spider Man. I had to threaten to make her walk home if she wouldn’t be quiet, but hey you take what you get right?

  3. “How many years should pass before you cut ties with a game you don’t play anymore?”

    I worry that you are talking about a person and not a game… give Nathan another shot… if you divorce, who will get Matty? No, seriously; Which one of you is more qualified to be awarded Matty

    Seriously twice as long as you have been into the game.

    • I think it can be safe to say that Matty is what caused them to split up. It’s all his fault. But hey… TWO CHRISTMASES!

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