Episode 269: 90’s References

This week Lange and Nathan talk about the pre-release of the Orruks for Age of Sigmar and how GW seems to feel what ex-Warhammer players want from the game. Also, we talk about the weekly listener poll and expand on the idea of when a game should be released. The model of the week has us split… but will we be as split with we finally get a chance to talk about BvS:DoJ??? That’s right faithful listeners… it’s time! LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! I’m not kidding, we talk about it for about an hour. So if you want to avoid spoilers or just don’t care about us talking about the movie, just turn it off when we start. Listen and enjoy!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

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4 thoughts on “Episode 269: 90’s References

  1. You both talk so definitively about how NO ONE plays AOS (no respectable person anyways)… Obviously if someone likes something that you don’t, they MUST be stupid.

    Why even bother talking about GW anymore? JGC is turning into “Hey! I hate GW, don’t you?” “Yea! GW’s the worst right?!” FUCK YEA they should DIE!” “AHHH look at their terrible models LOLOLOLOL!!!!” “RIGHT?!?!?!” (Rinse and Repeat)

    I have no commitment to GW since I am just a filthy causal that paints more than plays but you guys are still talking about AOS like it was JUST announced. It’s not THAT bad! Stop hate hyping each other! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ Love your program!

    • Well I think there is 3 good reasons they should continue to bitch about GW.


      Their show partially serves as a surrogate gaming group for a lot of folks who have lost their gumption to keep playing table tops. In this way people can get some of the joy out of a gaming group without any need to actively do shit to pursue their hobby. A major part of the hobby experience involves bitching about GW.

      New Codex? “Fucking Christ they undervalued X unit.” “Well shit they nerfed my favorite unit X into the ground!” “Jesus these prices are goddamn ridiculous, how do they expect someone like me to afford something like this?” etc.

      In actual gaming groups though, their is usually list building and strategy discussion, etc. but the unbalanced nature of WH40K and AOS has made these conversations pointless. The answer to solving list building is the newest, most expensive thing.

      This all make sense cuz the show is a form a gaming frottage for these 2 long distance buddies.


      They still really care about the Games Workshop properties. Nathan literally looks up their financials to see what is going on with the company. They both get the hot and heavy over the thought of some of the IP’s being made into a good television series. They both met through Games Workshop for fucks sake.

      They just make fun of it now because if they didn’t it would be depressing to think that a company which prompted their friendship and helped to create the modern table top wargame community, might die.

      Go back and read some super early White Dwarf issues, and you would understand that Games Workshop, although always a business, used to support and create all sorts of interesting community driven gaming opportunities. Now it seems to have become a parody of itself, through incompetent pursuit of profit. So yea they give a damn about it because it is a bit sad, and joking is at least a way to get some humor out of the situation.


      No one plays any of those other fucking games they talk about. Or, rather, almost no one. If they stopped doing GW content, there would be no jumping off point for folks.

      I sure as hell wouldn’t listen to a Firestorm Armada/Kings of War/Planetfall/whatevershittheyconvincedthemselvestobuynext podcast. Also I wouldn’t pay $150+ or rally my friends around a new table top just for context either. I will however enjoy the conversation I can have with table top gaming friends around some of the GW content they bubble up during their conversations.

      • I do get what you’re saying and should clarify that what I said was mostly in jest.

        *Now I have to make my dumb point… this is community wide, NOT directed at JGC*

        I cringe when AOS gets brought up by people that have no intentions of giving the game another chance but will still go out of their way to encourage others not to play (by suggesting it’s dead, abandoned, embarrassing, broken, etc…).

        From what I’ve observed as a new player (jumped in a year before AOS) This vocal hate seems to be coming from a distaste for GW’s decisions in general and NOT from experience playing AOS with an open mind. Playing 2 matches then declaring AOS a complete and indisputable failure doesn’t count as open minded experience either lol.

        It’s interesting to me that the fantasy players that looked for reasons why AOS can work are now annoyed that a points system is coming back since it turned out to be a pretty fun and unique game as it was. I’m curious to see where we stand now since those of us that like AOS are getting our game changed and the haters are getting what they wanted but are likely to be too stubborn to come back.

        I fully agree that I couldn’t give half a fuck about an exclusivity non GW gaming pod. I was totally joking with the “don’t talk about GW” thing.

        Also, Gaming Frottage needs to be a show.

        K shutting up. Hollllla.

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