3 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I voted 2 months or more.
    The question I have: How much of a hit on sales happen until new rules are out.

    Jaded comment: The warroom app should be be free. I have a friend who dropped $60 buying all the cards, he’s not getting any credit, so he has to buy it again. The app that helps you play the game should be free.

  2. I went with four weeks, that gives a month for the company to tease about upcoming changes a bit, and customers a little bit of time to adjust to the idea their precious game will be changing, but doesn’t leave too large a window for people to speculate and stress and blow up forums with rumors of what the new edition will look like.

  3. I voted 2 months or more. I think the idea that gamers have collective ADHD is ridiculous. Hype only helps whip up the community and should lead to players who are more invested in the game. The problem with the surprise releases is that you get people who can’t handle change rage quitting. I think giving people gradual snippets of information about the changes and future plans can only be good.

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