4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I am OK with proxies, except at “events”. Time is limited, and I don’t want to waste time trying to remember your awesome looking wood elves are actually harlequins… Let alone the one with the double sword is a character, but the single bladed one is not.

    That said, I am using the Dindrenzi Retarius Escort models as Dindrenzi Corvettes, and the old metal Buckler Escort Models as my actual Tier 1 Escorts. At least I asked the TOs for permission first. Maybe I should provide color photos with my Army lists to limit confusion?

  2. “within reason”
    I don’t play against lego ultramarines … lego space wolves, sure, the models would be cooler

    As long as they don’t take advantage of something they could not have otherwise. (Fuck you guy who took a dreadnought as a defiler and hide him behind terrain a defiler would have never fit behind) — No, I’m not jaded. 🙂

  3. This can be an extensive hobby, so sometimes it’s nice to proxy something in the table once or twice too see how it works out before investing in it… But this is with your buddies and everyone knows what’s going on.

    But never for events. That’s when your army should be painted and complete. Not only is it about respecting your opponent but about showing pride in your army/faction/fleet.

    ‘See, Vera? You dress yourself up, then you get taken out somewhere fun.’

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