5 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I voted no, because I don’t like cookie-cutter releases like Spartan did for the Destroyers back in v1. I do think, however, that the ship classes should have made sense – a corvette for the Directorate, for example (as they don’t currently have one), and not another competing ship. Also I’d have liked to have seen ships that each of the races needed, rather than just a set of ships released ad-hoc, as seems to have been done.

  2. A no vote from me, basically mirroring the above. I think we all agree SG dropped the ball a bit on this, but you fail to mention that these stats are in a 2-week open beta. Also, when completed, these stats will be added to fully complete fleet manuals, including defence platforms and System Wars ships.

    It took too damn long, but it is happening.

  3. I voted…something…I don’t remember what. Having never played Firestorm though I feel my opinion and democratic right are equally valid. Clearly I am an expert on this topic. Pay attention to me! Donate to my campaign! I…oh…wait…I might be thinking about something else…

  4. I feel there was some missed opportunity in here, however I am fine with the classes if that’s what they actually were in FSA. This bullshit that they count as straight up frigates or cruisers etc is insanely stupid. I do hope the open beta shows this to Spartan otherwise forget this noise I ain’t touching it

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