4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. This sucka dont kickstart.

    Im one of those assholes that think…
    1) This shit doesnt need any money
    2) This shit shouldnt need free money cause its so good
    3) Any special loot for backing will be redundant later on, is not collectible in the slightest, might not even happen.

    Star citizen developments at 5 years. Que the alphaville, forever young

  2. very rarely do i see something i want to back these days… i just have to glance in the direction of the closet of shame and that usually wards me off. Most of the time i’m happy to wait for retail.

    I would say the exception would be those products that are more universally useful… like ready made terrain and board games… that does not require work to use and also is fairly tough to get via normal retail channels. The zombicide kickstarters are also normally a good deal, it’s a very solid investment if you are really going to use all the extra stuff you get with stretch goals.

  3. I don’t have a large gaming community in my area and there is one local game store that carries mostly the common board games. They stock a little Warmahordes for the tabletop crowd. I used to go there for Star Trek:AW but the tournament play was not very interesting So if I want to get a miniatures game or a Minis based game like Blood rage or Zombicide, I look to either Kickstarter or an online retailer. I mostly look fo games that have cool minis to paint and might be fun to play with my fiance.

  4. For me it depends on the Kickstarter. A few years ago I was really into it. I thought it was great value and really let you get everything you need from the start.

    But after a few – I started to realise that I had way too much stuff and I was never going to get around to actually painting it.

    I would end up with all the factions, but might only like one or two and couldn’t give away the others… Some games I never even played, or only played a couple of games before interest died off.

    I’m mostly interested in terrain kickstarters now, or stuff I can use in connection with games that I play because it’s too hard to tell if a game will take off when it launches so better to wait and see.

    A lot of time they have tapped the whole market at launch and retailers aren’t interested in propping it up because they aren’t getting sales out of it… So it’s a mixed bag really.

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