7 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I went for Other because I’d like to see multiple stories adapted for the screen. Package them as an anthology series under the title Tales from the Black Library. Bring in characters like Kal Jerico, too.

    The 40k universe is such a big place it would be a shame to focus on one small corner of it.

  2. Ciaphas Cain 100%. It could survive with a low budget, and hit everything a great sci fi needs: comedy, grim dark, adult scenes, and action. The haphazard storyline provides plenty of stand alone episodes, but has inquisitorial drama for seasonal arcs. I just realized how much I want this, and I know it will never happen. Damn you JGC!

  3. I’m surprised and disappointed none of the poll options are from Warhammer Fantasy…

    The rise of Karl Franz, while centered on a relatable human culture, could in turn showcase the more fantastic and awesome parts of the Warhammer universe as the story progresses.

  4. I voted “Inquisitor Eisenhorn” for no other reason then when I hear Eisenhorn, I can’t help but say Eisenhorn, Finkle, … Finkle, Eisenhorn

    Seriously I wish HBO would buy GW. They bought Sesame Street why not buy another property.

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