9 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I say no. One of the GW apologist theories is that GW is charging $X of crazy, because they are thee “premium” model company brand (trying to be the Apple of mini gaming). It was never about the rules or about “value” but rather developing that premium model experience, with high entry costs (to keep out the plebs) and provide top notch models to collect and show-off (gamers love their mini bling). By going to a direction of cheap entry big box stores with old ass models, it destroys that “premium brand” strategy that appeared to be a direction they were driving hard at. So what is it GW? going to be the exclusive high dollar high street model company? or the discount snap together “walmart toy” brand? you can’t have your cake and eat it too as they say.

  2. I voted no. The price point it too high for what you get. Really, these should be half the price or less.

    I don’t like the fact that if I want a squadron of bikes I have several squadrons of the paints too. They should have followed what the other model companies do: sell the paint and glue separate.

    If they could only invent a 4 page rule system and a unit card and stuff it in each box, then they could have that basic intro game they need so badly.

  3. Gonna call BS on the Poll question. Cuz the answer is clearly no, and we all know it! This is probably another poorly thought out, half-ass-idly handled move. If it is meant to eventually eliminate their own stores, who cares? I don’t know anyone who shops at one, since we all hit up our FLGS or order online. Plus colored plastic will probably encourage more bastards to not paint their minis. If they really wanted to introduce new players to 40K, they might wanna look at the price… I’m a big fan of GW’s models, including the Wulfen who look like they busted out a Broadway production of “Cats” but fuck! $60 for 5 models? When other 5 man kits are literally half that.

  4. I guess I’m some ways yes, this may be helpful to theme as a company. It helps newbies start out and try a model or two at a time and see how it goes without buying a bunch of stuff at a time. In other ways I think not. I have always thought selling models that are already in the base coat color is a little bit deceptive. It says “hey, it’seems already blue so you just add the other colors.” Down the line you will then need to be taught by someone that you really ought to prime the model then base coat it.

  5. I’m going to buck the trend a little here and say that these ‘starter’ kits are actually a good idea. I think the problem is we’re thinking about them from the perspective of an established gamer. These are probably more likely to be aimed at a younger market that is new to gaming. Also, these are designed to be tasters, not a way to build an army. Get the kid hooked with a relatively simple kit, then move them on to the ‘hard’ stuff.

    From what we’ve seen, it looks like GW want to compete with the ‘hobby sets’ already available from Airfix and Italiari. Both companies sell plastic kits (usually a single vehicle or 10-12 28mm infantry) along with a selection of paints, a brush, and in the case of Italiari some plastic glue. They’re excellent starter kits for kids, and usually a great way to get them into modelling and even gaming.

    GW have released this sort of thing before, but now they’re expanding it beyond five Marines/Ork boyz and some paints. Sure, they’ll be more expensive than the Airfix and Italiari kits, but compare a new Ork Trukk to an average 1/56 scale tank. You’re getting a lot more for your money.

    I think where GW has fallen down is they haven’t been clear about what these new kits will contain. They’ve used old artwork, but stamped it as ‘mock up,’ creating confusion about what actually comes in the box. That said, we could don our conspiracy hats and speculate that this was a deliberate move to encourage discussion and debate about the announcement, making sure it reaches a wider audience.

  6. I went for yes despite the Ork Trukk being one of the models included and not being sure if it will actualy work. But at least they are trying something if they keep trying things some will be hits and some will be misses.

  7. My vote is a VERY conditional yes. If it gets them into a low price high volume situation in big box stores they stand to make a lot of money and a lower price point will help attract new gamers and depending on the models old gamers as well. The problem is that in order to pull it off Games Workshop has a few hurdles to jump through and right now they seem to be up to amateur hour shenanigans. If they approached stores with high quality detailed model kits that made use of different coloured plastics to minimize a need for paint they would be able to compete with the likes of Bandai. Model kits in their price range made from coloured plastic can be sucessful, as shown by Bandai’s success with Gundam models as well as other series like this one: http://www.gundamplanet.com/space-battleship-yamato.html. I’m not sure what the market is like worldwide but the Japanese market alone is huge. Every single department store, music/movie/entertainment store, and a lot of pawn shops have huge walls full of Gundam kits and very little else in the way of models. Right now there is very little diversity, if you want anything other than a gundam you’ve got nothing. If GW can put on their A game and make the most of their incredible IP to put out fantastic model kits of that quality, they can totally make it work.

    If they try to pull it off by just pumping blue plastic into molds from 20 years ago that were designed to be painted it just won’t work. Another problem is that they may have difficulties handling the volume of a big chain store contract, given their problems supplying new 40k releases in the last five years.

    TLDR: There is definitely a market but GW will need to cut out the (abundant) amateur hour nonsense and bring their A game to break into it.

  8. I vote no, not because it’s a bad idea, but because is half assed, they could copy the gundam markers (basically paint markers to paint your gundams) to make it more accessible (and boring) but instead they give you some small pots of paint… i think is not enough to paint the ‘ard boy mob

    the only thing i care is the old truck and the AWESOME Kopter, because i want to start a Gorkamorka campaing because i have a fuckload of orks and i don’t even play 40k anymore

  9. I’m with Nathan on this one: this is a terrible idea, at a horrible price point, but it is reflective of a longer term strategy to go to online store and rogue trader/big-box stores only. I also think this is a strong sign that Games Workshop is struggling from a long-term financial health, and they’re trying whatever ideas they can to drive more revenue.

    That being said, the model kits that they have picked are the worst of the bunch. I think they’d be better off designing snap-together sprue kits of the big, more impressive models in their range – think Imperial Knights, dragons, Baneblades – but at a different scale than the game itself. Or better yet, how about 2-up or 4-up versions of Space Marines/Terminators, character busts, etc.? It wouldn’t have been the first time (they could dust off the Space Wolf Terminator Bust mould, or any of the Inquisitor moulds) they’ve done this.

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