8 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I feel like $100 should be a baseline investment point. a small “patrol” band/fleet/army. enough just to tip your toes in test the waters and gain a feel for the game. Beyond a $100, there has to be some serious “oh shiny” impulse that hooks you in to a point where regardless of gameplay the investment in the mini’s alone is worthwhile.

  2. Nathan, we can all hear parts of your soul cracking and tumbling into a Moffett shaped abyss – I am truely sorry.

    But my coworker refuses to watch any scifi other than Doctor Who and dared insult my precious Babylon 5. Lang’s blow by blow recaps provide ammunition to this moon-faced assasin of joy and skewering her show is the only warmth this cold and blackened heart can feel on a Monday morning.

  3. I chose $100 because even with my kickstarters I’m rarely going above $200 on new games. The current entry point for both board and mini games seems to be sitting around $100 at this point.

  4. I should only spend $100, that is the key word “should”. I seem to go over that more often than not. It does irk me some that this hobby unlike many others has to be cheap to be accepted. Look at the other “socially accepted” toys/hobbies. (Not bashing them).

    Golf what do clubs cost? A round of golf at a nice place including cart rental. Buying a 4-wheeler. A Bass Boat (holy cow I looked these up… $10k-$40k…f’n really!!).

    If a neighbor bought a bass boat, I don’t think anyone would think it strange. Try putting half that in a hobby and we all think that is crazy. I worry that the hobby might nickle and dime itself to death. I will say there is one company that does need to cut their prices in half (or better). I think we would be spending the same amount, jut getting 2 to 3 times more stuff in the box. (Example you want to charge $47 for Raveners, put 9 in the box, not 3) We as gamers should be build 2-3 armies/factions not just buying 1.

  5. I voted $100 but i think that may be a little steep. I think $100 should be the absolute max for a 2 player starter set. And i dont mean a half assed “heres a little crap that no one really uses” set. I mean something that if you like the game yiu can use as a core and build off of. I look at the firestorm starter or star trek attack wing (a 3 player starter really) as an example of a good starter box. These are playable…fun…provide a good taste of the rules and provide a good start to a decent force for the armies included. (ok the galaxy class is a bit meh but still its something that could be used until a fleet outgrows it) i wouldnt consider spending over $100 for a game i haven’t played and dont know if ill stick with it. My gaming money is limited, what with me having this desire to eat occasionally and keep a roof over my head so i want to get my moneys worth.

  6. I voted for $100, but in reality I’d pay just about $150 or so. $200 seems too high, unless there’s some kind of huge draw to the game (like a large local playerbase and really excellent models). $150 seems to be the going rate for a starter box + rulebook in many cases, and for that money, even if I don’t get a lot of games out of the investment, I won’t feel too badly about have some cool models to put on display.

  7. I feel like $100 is max for one person, or $150 for a two player starter. This comes with the assumption that both players can use the same rulebook and that both players have hobby supplies already. Any more than that, and I feel as though most people will have difficulty affording getting into it and being sustainable in it’s investment.

    Also, what you get for your initial investment is also important. I feel as though your initial costs should get you playing at least demo size and maybe a bit more. Enough substance for at least 3-5 games, before jumping onto the next thing. More substance than a demo, so that you can really get a good feel if you’ll like the game a lot or if it’s just an every now and then thing. The demo should have told you whether the game had potential or not to you already.

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