3 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Depends on how the first game goes. Typically once to learn the rules and once to actually play. Some games like Warmachine I tried many times but the group was too competitive for people to jump in. While games like firestorm armada you have to play a few times to understand the nuisance of some factions. So I guess the question depends on the group and the complexity/clarity of the rules.

  2. I voted 3. I think that would be 3 actual games though…a learning game or starter scenarios shouldnt necessarily count. Looking up a rule as you go like the relic knights game sounded does count though. I think once you have a good three games under your belt you can begin to see the subtle nuances of a game…or lack thereof. Of course there will be a game that can hook you right out of the gate like firestorm did me, or games where you can tell half way through your first try that its probably not for you. Its those second ones that you should give a few tries to. After all we dont have a cheap hobby so especially if youve invested something into the game i feel like i have to give it a good try before abandoning it entirely.

  3. I have a coworker who has been married and divorced three times… to the same woman. I asked him once why he married a second and third time. He told me: “I thought things would be different the next time around.”

    Once should be all you need. If you didn’t have fun the first time around, or even just had an average time playing your demo game you should find something else to play. There are too many games and too little time/money to waste on games that “might be fun after you learn the subtleties” or “once you get a feel for it”. There are plenty of games that can be picked up quick, are fun from the beginning, and don’t require you to try it again and again.

    Oh and my coworker? He said been seeing his thrice ex-wife… evidently she has mellowed out a lot.

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