4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I think a community for any game is a good thing. But as with any gathering of people, beware the dickheads. Especially online, a few trolls is all it takes to ruin any kind of forum that has uninterested (or even complicit) moderators.

  2. A large community is great as having lots of different people to play with is exciting. Playing the same 1 or 2 guys gets a bit stale as similar tactics are used over and over. You can breath new life into a small group with multiple armies and games, but more quality players is even better.

  3. A large community is better for any game, as it gives you a greater chance of finding a game at your FLGS, and you have a greater chance of finding tournaments being run for that particular game. Additionally, with a large community, there is less fear of investing time and money into a game that will just fizzle out and die within a year or two.

    However, I do think there is a point that a community can get too big for a game. Once it reaches a point where it no longer has to compete for popularity, there is less of an onus on the game designers to pay attention to game balance, and more to create high-profit kits and accessories.

    That being said, I think the myriad of miniatures games available today make it very hard to reach that tipping point than it was for 40k back in the day when there weren’t as many options available to gamers.

  4. I voted worse, but a few weeks ago I would have voted better- here’s why:

    Infinity has been growing a lot these past few years. It’s still a “small” game, but there are a lot of new players. It used to be when someone brought up Infinity you were excited that someone else was playing the same wonky worded game from Spain and life was good, people got along and there was an air of comraderie.

    Now the game has grown to a point that sense of brotherhood has disappeared. People get into fights about trivial rules, bash and shame each other, and generally flame each other when we should really just be enjoying the game like we used to a few years back.

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