5 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I think all are valid really. Personally i chose rules because i am more a gamer than a hobbyist or collector and a big part of why i buy a model is the amount of use i’ll get out of it. Granted i now have a good sized collection of now useless GW fantasy models, but they were useable when i got them. I didnt get them to look pretty on a shelf, but now they do. I dont typically buy a model to just collect dust though. I need to know ill get at least some practical use from something before i spend money on it.

    • I’m with you as I also went first with rules as I want to actually use what I spent my money on. Quality is my second most important as I will proxy in a model if I think the original looks horrible, and my third choice down is cost. This question is really hard as all 3 are really close as I have not played awesome models in the past like some forgeworld because the price was more than I was willing to accept on one model like a warhound titan.

  2. I voted “painting”, so I hope I got the question right. Once I painted a miniature, it becomes part of the family and can’t quit from that family easily. What I am trying to say is that I never sell painted miniatures. To me, that would be the most stupid and frustrating thing to do. Even if a model part loses parts of its appeal and usefulness during a rules/edition change, there might still be ways to play them, either in friendly games or narrative scenarios. Other than that, I guess most of us have certain special models where we gut that armor effect or that facial expression just right, making them doubly unsellable.

  3. Honestly, I feel a model’s value is a combination of all four, with the combined value of the painting challenge/interest, model quality, and rules being weighed up against the financial cost. Honestly, it’s a part of the reason why I dropped 40K: the model quality (middling, as the fetishization of current GW models drags down the casting/sculpt quality) and my interest in painting whatever the new hotness is (variable, but I’m willing to paint anything if I think it’s cool enough (Centurions weren’t)) did not reflect the rules (so stupid when they could have just improved Terminators) or the financial cost (way too high; I can’t imagine their process to make a tactical marine is more costly today than it was in 1998, despite a box of tactical marines being worth twice that today than it did back then).

  4. I voted Quality, but really the answer is “None/All of the above” – I wouldn’t buy a model just because it was high quality, nor just because it was cheap. First, I need to have a compelling reason for owning it, which is a transient and subjective blend of how cool I think it is, my enthusiasm at the time for painting it, it’s cost and what I think I’ll use it for. I can self-justify high cost if I think something is an awesome sculpt, even if it’s not the highest in quality, for example. A well cast, high quality model at a reasonable cost can still not be compelling if I think it’s dumb (Case in point: the Spartan Games Madame Liberte model!). Atthe other end I’ve also bought units I’m not really into because they’re reasonably priced and will be awesome in-game.

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