5 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I voted 200$, even though I up to now the most expensive single models I ever bought were my Warmachine colossals at 130-140$, mainly because I am inclined to spend extra money for materials/bits needed for conversions (which can easily double the retail cost of some of my models).
    That said, I would not spend 200 bucks just for a display piece like the new Archeon; by that I mean that even if I had anybody to play AoS with, they would probably quickly start complaining about me bringing such an OP model to the table (in 8th I am guessing this Archeon would be 1000-1200 pts), meaning I either leave it in the vitrine or lose my ‘playmates’ (loss-loss situation in my eyes).

  2. Tough Question. Why tough? Because i know my heart for the wargamng hobby beats so strong, I´m not sure if there won´t be a single model in the future I wouldn´t be willing to pay 400$ bucks for. What about some fancy hologramm enhances AR modell kit in 2020? For Archaon Everchosen the 130€ ist costs here in EU is the *absolut* top limit.

  3. $100 should be more than enough to buy you a huge centrepiece model for any army. If you look in the scale modelling world, $100 can buy you a highly detailed ship, tank, starship or aircraft which is about 2′ in size, why does GW think it can charge double this or more? “Premium” board games (like Cthulhu Wars) have lots of highly detailed models (some of which are very large) and cost the same as these single pieces (like a Titan) for an entire game. Whilst the technical execution of large GW centrepieces is undoubtedly good, it’s not sufficiently higher than elsewhere to justify the price tag…I just can’t get beyond that lack of value.

  4. Let’s look at it this way:

    Say a movie is $8 (American, not some Fisher Price my first currency Canadian money) and last two hours. That puts our entertainment rate at $4 per hour.

    For a single average sized model I’ll spend about 2 hours cleaning and prepping. 30 minutes priming. 2 hours base coating. 4 hours doing highlights. An hour for the base. And 2 more hours for finishing touches. Total: 11.5 hours.

    11.5 hours x $4 per hour = $46. This is probably the math GW is using because that’s the only way I can figure out how they justify the cost of their assassins.

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