8 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I remember someone getting all excited at the possibility of new Kroot units back when the new/updated codex was first rumoured. I commented, rather cynically, that we’d probably just end up with more crisis suit units. I wish I’d been wrong.

  2. I am overdrafted at the International Bank of Fucks To Give. Nothing in the various reviews that I’ve seen that would change my opinion of the army in general.

  3. Many actually.

    The changes made to this book were subtle but they change how the army plays:

    -Ghostkeel is new
    -StormSurge is new.
    -Breachers are sorta new
    -A (sucky) flying MC
    -Crisis suits can be taken in squads of 7
    -Riptides, Ghostkeels, and StormSurges can be taken in squads.
    -Tons of formations… some very powerful
    -Maelstrom objectives (but I don’t even care about that if I’m being honest)

    What’s really happened is that the formations have solved some big problems Tau players have, namely not enough elite, fast attack, and heavy support slots and reliance on markerlights. The formations let you bring what you want by buffing some lack luster units and allowing you to take single units as its own formation. They also let Tau players focus less on markerlights by giving ways to increase their BS and share markerlight effects between squads.

    Tau now can play more aggressively instead of just a static gun line. In fact the army functions better now as a deepstriking close shooting force.

  4. Good for Tau players? I guess? When they write a proper Dark Eldar codex to be in line with the rest of the 7th Ed codices, I might care. For now, more Firestorm.

  5. I have no fucks to give about Tau…. But thats generally my feelings towards any GW release these days…. We’ll see what happens with the apparent revamp of the Specials Games to see if I can move some of my fucks around.

  6. I voted yes because I like how the tau play in heralds or ruin kill team so I’d like to see what they have to play with when they come out with a new, play-tested and balanced list.

    Plus frankly, some people just like to watch the world burn.

  7. I vote yes in hopes that you will cover the book. I only vote this for the cocktease of waking up this morning and not seeing an episode posted. Punishment fits the crime.

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