11 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. My answer is NO.
    I realize the box is great value for money just for the models, but 40k is already a dying system locally and 30k is basically ’40k historical’.
    Even if I took the plunge, it would just become one more box collecting dust on a shelf, since nobody in my gaming group is willing to further invest in anything even remotely related to GW (the few still active 40k players are already shaking in fear expecting GW to pull an ‘Age of Sigmar’ on 40k and are slowly getting rid of their GW models now that they still have any re-sell value, while getting into other companies’ games).
    Yes, I realize Forge world isn’t exactly Games Workshop prime, but the shadow of GW is enough to ‘scare off’ our begrudging gamers…

  2. I voted no. While the models are mostly gorgeous, I think your Titanic metaphor summed up gw nicely. They’re hemmoraging gamers and are slowly dying like the dinosaur they are. They refused to evolve and now they’re paying for it. I haven’t played a gw game in over a year now and I don’t miss it. I miss the old days when they pretended they sort of cared, but as soon as balance became a foreign concept to them, I was out. It’s a shame I have a large collection of pretty models with little use for them, but they look good on the shelf and unfortunately thats where they’ve stayed. I think any 30k models I buy would quickly join them as the gamer community collectively moves on to better games with solid rules that don’t have us looking at the army across from us and instantly knowing that not only are we about to get our teeth kicked in but that it won’t even be a fun beating (and yes, once upon a time that was such a thing)

  3. No, first of all of I was going to get started into the a Horus Heresy I would like the more dated MKs of armor. I wasn’t even aware that the MKIV was supposed to be Heresy Era until this set came out so to me this feels like regular 40k marines without imperial Eagles on the chest, and why are the back packs modernized?

    I left 40k because the rules make it impossible to play a pickup game anywhere and the tournament scene is toxic and not fun. This is a hobby right, not self imposed tourture? I don’t feel like I should be forced to play an even more expensive version of arguably the most expensive miniatures game on the hobby just to bring balance to a game I am already confident GW is going to send down a road headed to being just like Age of Sigmar.

    30k feels like the last few sane people working for Games Workshop via Forge World are trying desperately to appeal to the last few veteran players still left clinging to this game.

  4. I might buy it just for the sheer amount of Mark IV power armour bits tobuse in 40k conversions or for the Contemptor Dread body that’s part of the box. However, I don’t really see myself ever actually playing 30k just because of price point considerations, and I wasn’t that interested by the “board game” variant included with the box. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if this box does more than sit on game store shelves taking up space.

  5. Is it a great deal? Yes.
    Are they great models? Yes.

    But at the end of the day $150 will go much further in game systems I’ve come to enjoy more. Spending money on this is like dropping money on a stripper, we are all going to high five you, you’re going to brag to everyone, but a year from now you are going to think back on better ways you could have spent the money.

  6. So I’m going break with the idea that 40k is a failing game. I say this because the tournament scene has only been growing. Our “local Internet meta” may be moving away from it due to cost, dated mechanics, and distasteful company practices, but everything I see is that more people are playing the game, not less.

    Now will I buy this set? Is gorgeous, it’s a good deal, but for the cost there are other games I am more interested in where my money will go further.

    • A failing game doesn’t have continued dominance at wargamming events. If you look at the Adepticon schedule, 40k is still the main attraction, with more events and more playing space than any other system. Granted, Adepticon started as 40k, but has clearly expanded since those humble beginnings. I can’t comment on how the 40k player turnout has changed over the last five years, but the game is still going strong.

      That said, Malifaux and Star Wars X-Wing are almost as big a draw now, and I’m sure many of these players are reformed 40k players… And likely contain many players who would never have touched GW Products. This simply means the wargamming community is growing and changing, and 40k will become less and less dominate as it stagnates or regresses as a game system.

  7. No vote here because I dont particularly like mk4 armor. I like the Corvus pattern with Beaky heads. Also, the blood angels have their own dedicated tac and termie squad sculpts so why go with unmarked ones and upgrade with the unimpressive forgeworld BA upgrades?

  8. I voted no, I think the models are fantastic and on a whole it’s a brilliant value box but I just don’t need another 30 space marines to add to the back of the painting pile 😉

  9. No, I hate 30k. What is wrong with the 40k universe as it is… why do we need to change the setting? I am tired of the marine on marine action. Boring. And I even bought the age of sigmar set.

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