4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. This is a dumb question, the only right answer is “It should be updated as often as it needs to be.” Delaying an update results in a lower quality product and potentially alienating players and possible new players as well. Frequent updates, even if small, show a commitment to your product.

    The better question to ask is if we armed Nathan and Lang with cardboard tubes and sampan hats, how many velociraptors would they kill before the raptors ultimately realize their superiority and make them their king?
    For the record, my answer is 6, or three each.

    • So how do you determine when the rules for a game need updating?

      This is the digital age of tabletop gaming, where more and more content is available online, and this content is very easy to update… But actually creating that update takes a lot of work. If you’re doing it right, you’re paying attention to as many data sources as possible to determine if your product has any flaws. When one is identified, a certain level of effort and process must be applied, and it takes time… Time the company can more readily translate into $$$ doing something else.

      So, if the goal is to create a great product that grows and changes over time, this is an important answer, so a plan for this process can be implimented. Games like Starcraft don’t receive constant updates on accident, and then become a multi-million dollar tournament game just because.

      That said, three months should generally be a good release cycle. Step 1 is to actually pay attention to the feedback of your customers, or you end up hemorrhaging customers like GW to companies that give a damn.

  2. I think any glaring errors that are obvious typos or game breaking should be looked at immediately whole balancing can be done quarterly.

  3. I voted monthly, but it’s really a vote for all of the above. Miniature games need to be more like MMOs in releasing changes.
    Monthly unit point cost changes (For all of those for the points this units not worth it)
    Quarterly for unit size tweaks/unit ability changes
    Yearly or one every couple of years for major rules change

    In the age of the internet, you need to keep evolving and adapting. Game companies are like individual star-ships. The internet is like the borg with a collective intelligence for breaking star-ships (games). Resistance it futile… you need to keep modulating the frequencies. Those frequencies are the point costs, the abilities, and lastly, changing the game.

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