6 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I wouldn’t ignore a game solely on its decision to remove dice rolling, but the mechanic itself doesn’t really sway me one way or another. Given two games of equally decent models, interesting themes, and fun mechanics the presence or absence of dice isn’t a deal breaker for me.

  2. As long as there is something to represent a random element in a game then I don’t care too much about how that’s represented, but it should exist because the real world doesn’t always happen in the manner you think it will. Games like Relic Knights (where there is no random element) are fine, but I think of them as more akin to a card game like Magic, which isn’t necessarily what I’m looking for in a tabletop game.

  3. I voted “No” early on, but I couldn’t figure out why exactly. After re-listening to the episode I got to this explanation: In my games, I tend to look for a simulation of armed conflict. Its the “war”-part in tabletop war gaming that interests me the most, not necessarily the “game” aspect. Dice provide an instantaneous method of translating an in-universe action into something happening on the tabletop. Cards on the other hand, as you described in your discussion, provide another layer of gameplay, a game within the game. I somehow get the feeling that this seperates me from the fighting on that green table below. I absolutely get the appeal of that additional gameplay, strategy and resource management, but in thet time I could have ordered half a dozen bayonet-charges by rolling a couple of dice.

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