4 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. At first when I read this I laughed scornfully- it seems silly to try to justify why my leader keeps coming back to life after a previous loss like a deranged Cobra Commander trying another stupid plan to conquer the world but getting wrecked by the JOES same as every other Saturday morning.

    Then I heard about this wondrous game and had to have it. So then I Googled it and found, to my dismay, that the models… well they suck.

    Isn’t this the same podcast who a few weeks ago stated that the only reason for a company to put out lousy single pose models is either lazy or incompetent? I want to love this game, but these models are really holding me back. Maybe proxy with Malifaux?

    • Keep in mind that the models aren’t really the point of the game. In the rules is says to use whatever models you want so long as the scale fits the game. Honestly, the models are made in the creators basement 😛

  2. For me it’s critical. I play games to tell or share stories. Building a narrative around my little guys is as important and as enjoyable as painting or converting them.

    A game that offers a progressive, evolving component to mechanics rocks. It’s organic, It grows, fuels the imagination and makes me want to play again. A one off game doesn’t require the same investment but it doesn’t offer a comparable reward either.

  3. This guy I know told me that he always plays three Firesprays in standard games of X-wing because it’s an “easy list to field.” I lost interest in playing against him immediately. The whole point of playing with cool models is that they look like they have compelling back stories that matter.

    I’m not saying I need to know the motivation of every orange star or yellow square when I’m playing Qwirkle, but that’s fucking Qwirkle, not a miniatures wargame.

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