6 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. A poll for this? Seriously? The answer is obvious – Star Trek Into Darkness. Sorry to Shatner, Nimoy and colleagues but times have moved on and movies have just got better!

    Best original series movie? The one with the whales because that was the film when they remembered that Trek was funny as well as serious.

  2. Ok…we need to clear something up. JJ Abrams has not made any star trek movies. He made two mediocre at best Sci fi movies that he slapped the name on. He is a horrible filmmaker and it shows. First and foremost…it’s called a steady cam for a reason. Maybe he should consider hiring a cameraman that doesn’t have parkinsons. I should not get seasick watching a movie. Second, I know you made a bad movie, but hiding your crappy decisions behind 6,000 lens flares makes it even worse. These movies were not star trek.

    I will say one good thing was Karl urban as Bones. He was the only one to not make his portrayal a parody of what came before him. He was respectful of De Kelley without impersonating him. That’s how you take over a well known and respected character and make him your own. The rest were awful. Chris pine was more of Kirk in Into the Woods then he was in both fake trek films and things go downhill from there. Uhura was a strong woman, not some dumb teenage girlfriend. Spock…well Nimoy was on set so that was completely unforgivable…Abrams said from day one he was not a star trek fan, he knew nothing about it and it shows. Nemesis suffered for the same reason. Just give the movies back to good directors that know the genre (like Johnathan Frakes, who directed First Contact and look how good that is) and let us have our franchise back.

  3. There has been exactly one actor in all of Stars Trek who can really act without any sort of qualification like “they are pretty good for tv” or “but did you see them in this other thing?”

    Patrick “like a horse” Stewart.

    It should surprise no one that you give the man a solid script he will carry the movie. The right amount of action, the right amount of effects, the right science fiction with Captain Picard tieing all of it together with the best acting and emotional depth the series has seen to date.

    Second is obviously Insurrection because had you shown teenage me Marina Sirtis in the bath tub and talking about the firmness of her boobs with Gates McFadden I would have retreated to my room and furiously masturbated until I died happily of dehydration.

    • Insurrection also has the greatest action scene in all of Star Trek: The Riker Manoeuvre. It’s a shame they didn’t use the ‘manual steering column’ more often.

  4. I vote Wrath Of Khan, instead of trying to be clever. Even though I really think Star Trek the Motion Picture is an awesome film… you just have to be smoking weed at the time like most people in the 70’s.

    JJ Abrams movies are pretty to look at but in the end leave you feeling empty and lonely inside.

    First contact was not bad. But basically just an extension of the TV series, if you like TNG TV series you would like First Contact. It tried a little hard to be a real film, and the Borg queen was really fucking cheesy.

  5. I voted for the reboot (Star Trek 2009). As much as I wish Hollywood would stop with the reboots, this one needed it. Things that worked in this film: Spock tells Spock to be more human. R2-D2 flying through a star ship debris field. The chance that Wesley Crusher may never be born, and we never have a universe where a teenager flies/drives a star ship! If you are a Wil Wheaton fan, maybe he can come back as a ancestor of Wesley (Chance Crusher, Voldemort Crusher, whatever) , or as Q.

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