Episode 241: TOTALLY RANDOM!!

This week Lange and Nathan talk about everything from women in video games and models, to Firestorm Armada regional meta, to Age of Sigmar and more!! We also take some time to talk about Mr Hyde/Hulk from Wild West Exodus and laugh unsurprising stories about Nick Diaz. Also, finally, the age old question that burns to be answered is put to the weekly listener poll. Listen and Enjoy!!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

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One thought on “Episode 241: TOTALLY RANDOM!!

  1. I can explain the uncomfortable reality of the scantily clad women in miniature wargames at least. It’s the bisexual men.

    When a man starts dating other men he’s flagged as gay. All of his friends lump him in that category because it’s safe. If he’s bisexual he’s trapped, he can’t watch straight porn without offending his partner. His only real outlet to satiate his carnal desires without offending his S/O is to paint bare chested ladies and catgirls from infinity and claim it’s because they’re so cute.
    “But Gwaland! or GWAland or GwaLAND or how the fuck do you say your name?” you say, “The people I see playing these massive chested monstrosities aren’t gay! How can this be?”

    To answer this I simply ask, “How many of them have you seen with their wives in the game store?” The unfortunate truth is wargame stores aren’t traditionally the bastion of welcoming people when it comes to sexuality. (I know it’s not true for everyone there but it is the one place I’m actually honestly in the closet.)

    So next time you see that Infinity Nomads set with way too much detail given to the cleavage attempting to escape a bra not even designed to hold in the flat chest of a man; look at the battlefoam bag and the custom sewn molle makeup/paint pouch that’s in gawdy ‘urban camo’. At this point you’ll understand, this is the closest thing this bisexual man will get to a womans chest for the rest of his natural life.

    Love the show. I enjoyed this episode over a liter of Kraken and Coke Zero.

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