5 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I answered NO, under the assumption I wanted to play the system the model belongs to; if the rules are unusable or unknown (like the examples you gave during this weeks episode), I would put it off until the manufacturer corrects/releases the rules (or just leave that manufacturer behind and go to someone else). If I like the model and don’t play the game the model belongs to, I’ll buy it to convert for other game systems I actually play (like I bought Age of Sigmar Blood reavers to convert into Warmachine Doom reavers)

  2. Did you ever go on a date with a hot chick even when you knew it wouldnt go anywhere? Really this can be rephrased as “Have you ever bought a model because you liked how it look?” To be honest I could even say that it’s similar to buying models for games that i rarely play but adore the models (Infinity and anything made by Megacon games).

    What about going out with a not so pretty girl because you knew she put out and was maybe a little freaky? Its no difference from buying a model we don’t like simple for its impact on the tabletop.

    … it’s ok, we’ve all done it, no judgment here

  3. Yes. In fact, I just did this last week. For myself, painting is the part of the hobby I enjoy the most. So I will buy a model just as a painting project. Of course if it can proxy in to a game I am playing, all the better.

  4. I voted no as i usually buy models to use in an army. If the model has no rules or has broken rules then i cant see it having a place in the army so there is no need to buy it,

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