Episode 240: Planetfail

This week Lange and Nathan break down the new Aerial Helix options for Firestorm Planetfall! These long awaited additions to the game have us both somewhat confused and angry, and also happy and excited… it’s a very strange release. Basically, it’s a mess. In something shiny we talk about the newest and strangest craze in pre-order culture. Listen and Enjoy!!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

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2 thoughts on “Episode 240: Planetfail

  1. So I listened to your latest offering while driving to work at 5am this morning, tell you what; there is nothing like your drunken, dulcet, droning to wake one up in the morning!

    Great episode as normal, and even though I don’t play Planet Fall it is still interesting to hear about other game systems and how they play (would play but no one in Sydney really plays, or at least not that I have found).

    I answered YES on the poll because I have bought broken or no rule units in the past just due to the model and how awesome it looks (mainly in 30/40k). However this is not my preferred way of buying miniatures, I much prefer to know everything about the unit/model before purchasing, and although bad rules will not always stop me from buying a unit I feel that it is a bit sneaky on the game company’s part to tempt people with shiny models and then write shitty rules for them.

    I also agree with you on the whole preorder culture rant, it is such a load of crap these days, a valid marketing strategy, but a load of crap. I think that computer/ console games have a lot to answer for and so does Kickstarter as this is where it comes from; EB/ Gamestop etc have been pushing preorders for well over a decade in the hopes of selling stock before they even order it and as a business this is great, but when DLC became the benefit of preordering I turned away in disgust, maybe I am just old fashioned and loved getting something genuinely limited edition for my loyalty to a game store/ game title.

    Kickstarter is the same, most large table top companies that use it as a platform to launch games (I’m looking at you Reaper) just use it to lock in preorders, and we know this has a detrimental effect on the entire table top market on Kickstarter as smaller indie manufacturers cannot compete with what Reaper gives away in value etc. Let alone the people who have set budgets for use on Kickstarter and it all goes to a big manufacturer instead of helping out an indie.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Interesting and entertaining analysis. I was going to buy the Terran Arial Helix but now have second thoughts. I like my Hawker Arial helix and still need to buy the Terran Leviathan. We did a quick look at the new orbats on our podcast but did not go into depth. Great job guys. I hope Spartan takes constructive criticism well and makes improvements. I have been painting models but have yet to play other than a demo at Adepticon.

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