5 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I voted 1, because 0 wasn’t an option. After Age of Sigmar I went through all the emotions. Denial, time to paint my empire, I’ll still play 8th. Anger, forget GW I’m going to play Hordes and I got the trollbloods army box. Hope, kings of war might be alright, but the full rules still aren’t out. Since AoS, I’ve played 1 silly game of 8th, and I’m bouncing around with starter sets of Hordes, infinity, and Firestorm Armada. I’m hoping to have 1 maybe 2 solid games that the community plays regularly

  2. I voted 2 because “2ish” isn’t an option. I’m mostly playing board games these days, since my wife will play Settlers of Catan (or Space Hulk after a few beers), but nothing heavier. So I get my hardcore gaming fix in spurts (heh…spurts) from the local gaming club and mostly just paint these days.

  3. At the moment 4…Firestorm, Planetfall, Zombicide and AvP. Could have been five, but haven’t played D&D for a few months, so not really “active”. The relative time spent between those four varies wildly, however – some weeks Zombicide will be all we play, but at the moment its Firestorm. I think more than three or four and it’s difficult to devote enough time to really get into the game’s flow or keep up with gaming buddies.

  4. I voted 3. Similar to Matt Howson, the betrayal that AoS is, I’ve had to re-evaluate what my 3 games are. I want to try Kings of War to fulfill the void of formation battles, just haven’t had the time or willpower to get my models ready for it. On the plus side of AoS, I now have time and money to try non-GW products, so currently X-wing, Firestorm, and the third is sort of 40k, until something better comes along.

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