3 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. Tabletop skirmish: About 90 mins. That’s enough time to get in a good game with some back and forth. It’s not cripplingly long for a week night.

    Pants skirmish: 10 mins, tops. Sometimes you’re just tired and want to sleep.

  2. We’ve started playing This is Not a Test at the local club. Our first games took about an hour while we got used to the rules, but they’re now down to 30-45 minutes. This gives us enough time to get 2-3 games in during a club meet, with some time between for sorting out post game results and talking shit.

  3. I think around an hour is about ideal – stretching out to 90 minutes plus I’d start to feel like i could have played something “meatier”. If you can reliably complete the game in under 60 minutes then I also think it would have a good place as a “filler” if a normal game ends unexpectedly early (as once did in Zombicide where we were suddenly overwhelmed by a couple of extra zombie activations and our survivors rapidly became lunch).

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