9 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I look for a solid ruleset first and interesting background/premise to the game next, but then again… I’m not like you TYPICAL gamers.

  2. This is a toughie as a new game HAS to have high-quality, fairly unique minis these days to catch the eye, but those alone won’t cut it. I think if the genre and aesthetic are to your liking, a starter box is probably the highest item on the list since its the lowest entry point to the game, and incorporates many aspects of the other entries – models, multiple factions and rules. It should also have some way of bringing new players into this universe in a way just a rulebook cannot.


  3. I think you missed one. I would put “Engaging theme” at the top of my list. I think Strange Aeons is the perfect example of why. The models are pretty average, the rules aren’t free, and there are only two factions. BUT DAMN I am excited for that Kickstarter to ship. If you can suck me in with your theme, I will find alternate models, I will make house rules, but more importantly I will buy your stuff.

  4. This is one of your best questions yet to date as it was really hard to narrow it down to my choice of high quality and I’ll add interesting models. Cant wait to hear talk of this question on your next show.

  5. I did vote “multiple factions”, my second choice would be the “clear release schedule”. These two elements are my indicator of the direction and nature of the game, as well as whether or not the company is in any way dedicated to the project. As for miniatures… who cares? In this day and age, thanks to a multitude of games and third party providers, you can have any aesthetic you like. I’d prefer a game where I can use my exiting and already painted “dudes with rifles” in a new game rather that spend non-existing hobby time paining some needlessly-extravagant-over-detailed-manga-alien-ballet-fucker which, in gameplay terms, turn out to be dudes with rifles after all.

  6. I answered multiple factions though honestly I need a combination of several of those items. I have gotten interested in several games, some of which I have started playing and others that I am still thinking about, because of different reasons. 40k was the model’s cool factor and Warmachine was the same. MERCS was all the different factions and the different ways they worked on the table. I started paying attention to Firestorm on hearing the way the game played on this very show. With the exception of 40k, because that was the first table top game I got into, I paused to look at all the other factors. I hate this answer because its the I want everything answer, but that is the truth of it whenever I am looking at a new game.

  7. #1 high quality models.
    #2 fun accessible rules, that are tight and allow for strategic and tactical mastery.

    multiple factions not so much, look at how well x-wing has done and it’s only two factions. Actually a plus at first to limit the factions because it’s easier to balance the game…

    starter set is pretty important but if you can get everything you need at a decent price not so much…

    free living rulebook… well it’s only as good as the company’s support of the game. Doesn’t have to be free as long as the game is well supported, meaning questions about the rules are answered and the company at least makes an effort to address the top balance issues in the player base.

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