Episode 235: I literally can’t even…

This week Lange and Nathan are joined by Kickstarter backer Todd!!! As well as ThatTeriGirl!!! To talk about the late term abortion that is Age of Sigmar. Rules have been read and games have been played… and the worst things you have heard about this late term abortion are all true. But just how bad is the game? How stiff is the middle finger being given to all the WarHammer players who’ve been fired as customers? How the FUCK did we get to talking about dressing up an aborted fetus like a sailor? Listen and Enjoy!!

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[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

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7 thoughts on “Episode 235: I literally can’t even…

  1. I think the divorce comparison is very appropriate speaking from experience. You see this thing you put decades into, that you knew intimately inside and out, that used to be so wonderful, so full of character, that somehow transformed into a grotesque and shallow money grubbing whore shade of her former self. Youstill check up on her, either through the new releases on BOLS, or her Facebook page, and you cringe as you bear witness each new act of self degradation. It doesn’t matter how many larger pieces of plastic either of them jam in that box, neither of them have any happiness left in them. Getting in to a new game is kind of like dating again. Whether that first girl you take home from the bar, or your first time hanging out with Warmachine player, it’s going to be a miserable night of self loathing and embarrassment with someone living in their parents basement and 15 cats. Stay strong. Don’t cave in and accept a new game until you find the new one you deserve. The right one is out there for you.

    • There are lots of great games out there maybe not as famous/infamous as GW games but far superior games rules wise. I got into some Firestorm Armada and their unit by unit alternate activation really changed how I thought about wargamming, as games like 40k going 1st really decides allot of the game. Also alternate activation in my opinion makes the game feel more like 2 people playing as the lapse between your turn is much shorter.

  2. Maybe you said this somewhere and I missed it but… are any of you completely new to Fantasy? Or all your thoughts based of the premise of AoS as a lesser version of Warhammer rather than just being a new game? Because it seems like 99% of your complaints are about comparisons with what Fantasy *was* rather than a straight-up critique of what this game *is.*

    Plus, come on… The “I can field eight Nagashes/ ten stegadons/ fifteen Kroaks” argument is really weak. Does anyone there *have* ten Stegadons? Or even three Kroaks? Anybody planning to run out and buy a bunch of them? If the biggest complaint about the game is something with a 0.001% chance of happening… that’s not much of a complaint.

    As a longtime 40K player who never had any real interest in Fantasy, I tried out AoS with some models I had and liked it. Simple, fast, cheap. I don’t plan on buying any of the new models for it, no, but I’ve got enough old ones (with free rules) that my gaming group and I can keep ourselves entertained for many nights.

    Believe me, I still think Games Workshop sucks for a bunch of reasons (said as a heartbroken Chaos Marine player), but this isn’t one of them. It’s not a divorce or break-up sex… more like “frenemies with benefits.”

    • I think that’s a fair point, honestly. However the 10 Nagashes example is the extreme end of a core problem. People will take whatever they do have which amounts to the best and hardest list. For instance, I do actually own roughly 10 monsters, Kroak, Kroc’gar, and more for my Lizards that were dumped into a game which meant that I still was considered to be at the disadvantage. The only thing stopping something worse from happening, other that pure cost of something so ridiculous, is the idea that prior to Age of Sigmar the most you could ever take was 1 special character or 2-3 of a particular unit. Now that limitation is gone and it is only a matter of time in my mind.

      • It can’t really be “only a matter of time” if, as you said, the actual financial cost of it makes it prohibitive. The Warlord Titan is a fantastic model with amazing rules, but I have yet to hear about gaming stores overwhelmed with people bringing in their three-Warlord army.

        And what would be the point? AoS isn’t a competitive game, for a bunch of reasons you’ve pointed out. There’ve been no plans for tournaments or competitions of any sort (none I’ve seen anywhere, at least). It’s just made for friendly one-offs. So if “that guy” decides to skip food this month and go buy his (or her) ten Nagashes, they still have to find someone to play with. And now they’re just that dick at your local store nobody likes to play (if they weren’t already)…

        Again, it’s something not at all likely to happen and not a strong point to argue. Sorry.

        Yeah, there are lots of people who have ten *different* monsters or characters, but at that point the natural balance of the units starts falling into play. Not a Fantasy player (until now) but off the top of my head I’m guessing Kroak and Kroc’gar perform very different purposes on the board (wizard and warrior, yes)? So now the game is just all your super-characters vs all of *my* super-characters–Lizardmen Avengers vs Chaos Justice League or something like that. That sounds like kind of a fun game to me.

        Aside from the whole Chaos Justice League thing, which just sounds confusing…

  3. Great episode and I loved Teri’s contributions, in particular her points about game design and playing to ‘restrictions’. I always enjoy it when you lot go off on more general game design or game history discussions.

    By the way I ead the ‘rules’ and i’m pretty sure it said you could only reroll a dice once but I don’t care enough to check.

    AOS is frankly embarrassing and makes me hesitate to tell people I’m a gamer in case they think I might actually play this travesty of a game.

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