Weekly listener Poll

“Would you have see all Codex releases include something similar to Chapter Traits or would you rather see an appropriate amount of Supplements released for each Codex?”

7 thoughts on “Weekly listener Poll

  1. Of course traits. Supplements are just dumb. But, we are talking about GW here so if there’s a buck to be grabbed, they’re all for it (see 40k 7th edition). If they did anything like this, you know how it would go. They’d give us a half-assed book that’s beyond boring and then release 6 supplements that contain the real meat of the army. Then 6 months later they do another bland codex that invalidates all the supplements because after all, gamers are just wallets with eyes.

  2. The new codexes are far more interesting with their formations as you can choose standard CADS or play with the formations that have your armies rules all for a $50-$58 price tag. The supplements were $50+ novels that happened to hold a few rules inside, a rip off considering I can buy a black library novel for $9, and it will have some kind of story conclusion. If they wanted to add new interesting rules and scenarios they could sell them in their White Dwarf or online for $4, and I could read new fluff/novels for the $9. Don’t get me wrong I think each codex should have the armies story inside to help get you into the fantasy of the army, but selling me over priced garbage is bad business.

  3. Obviously everyone chose traits.. But my real question is, what the fuck is up with Trephination? What the hell, man! It was so common to drill holes in people’s skulls, we had to make a word for it! The shit people did back then!

  4. Starting the supplements with Iyanden set a pretty high bar for subsequent books. People wanted the other craftworlds and their favourite chapters. What did they get? Narrow slices of larger armies and utter monstrosities like Codex Legion of the Damned.

    The first few instances of this weren’t so bad as you could still get the units in their ‘parent’ codexes, but then came the Adeptus Mechanicus. Three books to get a full slate of units, and even then they barely have any vehicles.

    I’m concerned that may be the new way forward. Sure, they didn’t use it with Codex Spesh Mahreens, but they’re always special.

  5. Traits…of course the customers chose the option GW will not…for it is their job to TELL us what we want… “You don’t know what’s good for you, silly customers. For you is not a fully fleshed out fantasy world of battles, but Ye Olde Space Marines. You KNOW you WILL buy it!!!”

    Oh, and closet of shame…Ex illis….that must be hard to beat…


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