Episode 234: Mind Dicking

This week Lange and Nathan say good-bye to the first of the 40K hardcovers as we sit down to review the Dark Angels Codex for Warhammer 40K. Will this new book add anything to what most already consider the worst of the Space Marines? How will these stubborn fools compare to the chapter traits of the newly released Space Marines? Just how many dice is too many dice? Listen and Enjoy!!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

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One thought on “Episode 234: Mind Dicking

  1. I think you guys need to reexamine the DA codex as you really missed some good stuff, especially with the flier hate.

    For instance both fliers got ravenwing which you seemed to miss reroll jink saves greatly increasing their survivability. Also the black sword missiles are now STR 7 AP3 with missile lock which rerolls to hit, including strafing run on ground targets for another +1 to hit.

    Also all ravenwing units reroll jink saves. Standard bikers now have access to grav making them really good.

    The darkshroud is also ravenwing giving +1 to all cover saves, which is jink saves, and it has a +2 so a 2++ rerolling jink/cover also it is now 3 hull points and not 2.

    The tank squad can take the AV14 land raider and with x3 predators have the land raider tank incomming shots.

    Devestator squads have access to grav cannons with amps.

    Reexamine some of the warlord traits +3″ to a charge making a minimum of a 5″ charge on bikes is awsome. FYI Sammael has that as his warlord trait, and ravenwing command squads with +1STR rending corvus hammers are awsome at a flat 3 attacks.

    The land speeder vengeance’s cannon now fires 36″ from 24″, also received a 3rd hull point, and also has the ravenwing rule.

    You may not be a fan of the model line which is your opinion and your entitled to it, but the book got really good, especially since for years they have been pure garbage compared to other armies.

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