3 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I think cross over games are great from a narrative point of view but its a bit more hit and miss from a rules perspective. However in this situation it seems like Spartan have given us a good crossover game that will open doors for narrative campaigns.

    Oh and fuck Age of Sigmar with a Lord hyphen Celestant, the game built on the corpse of WHFB thats worse than it in every way

  2. Yes, but I think they’re not a starter entry point, they add granularity and depth to those who want it, but are not necessary for either. This increases their viability since a campaign can be fought by groups who don’t require 100% attendance by all players for them to work, increasing their longevity

  3. I love it, it adds a new dynamic to the game. Lots more tactics and makes for a better game then straight up battles. Allows for campaigns and more fluff. I like the new ships as well.

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