5 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. It’s the Xenos that actually make the 40k universe interesting. They add depth and flavour that you simply don’t get from the forces of the Imperium. Space ‘gyptians might not be your thing, but the way their history intersects with the Eldar and Orks makes for some great narrative and campaign possibilities.

    Want to play Marine-only armies? Go play Horus Heresy. (Yes, 30k has Chaos and Solar Auxilla and decent Mechanicum, but Marines are the bread and butter.)

  2. Yes, 30k could be seen as a marine only game – and it’s been very successful for Forgeworld.

    But 30k is a niche of a niche. There is no possible way you could scale up its user base to the size of 40k with only marines. A marine only game is probably the closest you will get to a balanced game but it will be bland and wouldn’t attract as many as it now does.

  3. Yup… Power fistbump!*

    As long as in this alternate dimension chaos(da warp) at least existed… otherwise it wouldnt really be eternal war to me. More so eternal grudges or eternal friendly competition.

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