7 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. How can I possibly vote on this if I have not bothered to buy either? Although I expect it is pretty complete if also combined with Imperial Knights.

  2. They put guys without armor or decent ranged weapons in the technology cult army’s elite slot.
    They put the only 2 vehicles in the skitarri codex. No vehicles for the codex of techpriests.
    There’s no walking servitors with classic and newly added options to sell to all the imperial players who were having to make due with the shitty old ones.

    The Mechanicus should be terrifying. They keep the best and oldest weapons known to mankind to themselves and pray to their microwave before cooking a hot pocket. If guys were dropped into the warhammer fantasy world (rest in peace) they would be teaming up with Clan Skryre and testing out what happens to a plasma cannon when you add warp stone to it.

    The Mechanicus in these two codices is fucking boring. (With the exception of the bondage ostrich and the Dominus of the pimp cane.)

  3. Let’s be honest, no one thought we would get a full codex like what we see in the core books.

    But this…

    This is beyond cash grabbing, this is straight up nonsensical. I suppose there is some way to split these two into into Harliquin sized codices but this wasn’t it.

  4. Am I bitter? Always and forever. But at the same time… at least they released awesome models for use as conversions. The skitarii alone you can use to make greatcoat style troops, ash waste rangers, use the helmets for adeptus arbites… bought all the minis, might never buy the codex!

  5. Hey guys, love the ‘cast…I’m English (yeah we burned your capital, get over it already), so your irreverent brand of scorn is music to my cynical ears 🙂 Great to hear your comments on new codices so that I know escaped the GW ass-rape club at the right time over 3 years ago when Necrons started talking. Make mine a Jamesons and keep on bitching….

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