4 thoughts on “Weekly Question Poll

  1. Now that we’ve seen the sneak peeks for the ‘full’ AdMech codex, it’s pretty clear that Codex Skitarii is a shoddy cash grab. Half the unit options, with a bit of fluff and some (mostly) decent artwork. At least they don’t go so far as to charge us the full price for the book.

    At least with the ‘new’ Imperial Knights codex they gave us a year or so to recover before coming back for sloppy seconds. No such luck here. I guess we’d better lube up and prepare for a thorough probing (of our wallets, you sick puppies).

  2. It not just this book is incomplete, the full admec codex following this add what five more units (two forms of priests and two robots at a guess ) and a hq. Ok yes necrons had less stuff when they first appeared, but where are crazy techo tank.

  3. The True title of the book is Codex Adeptus Mechanicus Skitari, to me this seems to be the GW design studios way of saying “Hey this is a supplement allies book for Codex Adeptus Mechanicus”. It was the same with the Harlequins, their book was called Codex Eldar Harlequins and the book either needs to be used as allies or need Eldar Allies to function and while Codex Skitari is a better book i feel that it still needs its parent codex to function like a full army. 2 Troops choices, 2 Elites Choices, 1 Fast Attack, 2 Heavy support and now HQ options doesn’t give you enough choices to be able to use it as a full army by itself.

    On a side note i would like to second Duncan, thank you guys for putting out a great weekly podcast

  4. Skitarii… anagram for Stark III. Nah, Ironman 3 was pretty good, ben kingsly, guy pearce HOW CAN YOU LOSE!

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