8 thoughts on “Weekly Listener Poll

  1. I really don’t get why you don’t like Harlequins, they’re hilarious, and 40k’s supposed to be totally unserious. Space Clowns fit in, and are one of the most defining aspects of the universe.

  2. I have seen a friend do wonders with his Harlequin models paint scheme wise but the masks kill it for me, the worst thing about the models bar far. They look out of place in the grim dark WH40k setting.

  3. The dumbest thing about harlequins is your obsessive nitpicking. All seriousness aside, I like the idea that throughout time, traveling Troupes visit other planets, Eldar, Dark Eldar and Imperial, and retell history through art, then kill anyone that tries to get too close to their home. like circue du solei meets Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe.

    • P.S. I know it does not make him much better, but the Death Jester CAN fire the Shuriken-Shrieker as a straight Shuriken Cannon

  4. New errata for the codex:

    Plasma Pie Launcher, range 36″, S 7, AP 2, Small Blast, Heavy 1, Hilarity, Who’s On First

    Hilarity: If a model dies as a result of getting Hit (i.e. does not scatter) by the Pie Launcher, take another shot at a new target. Resolve all new attacks generated in this way at -1 Strength from the previous attack. It’s never as funny a second time.

    Who’s On First: In a team game, if you and your teammate cannot agree on a target for the Pie Launcher, any opponent may ask “Who’s on First?”. If they choose to do so, the Pie Launcher immediately uses its shooting phase to fire upon a friendly target. The target of the attack must be chosen by a random passerby. If the passerby is named Larry, Curly, or Moe, resolve the attack at Strength 10.

  5. New errata for the codex:
    Dance Off, warp charge 1, 18″ range
    Cast on an enemy unit. If target unit gets charged by a unit of Harlequins, they are so confused by what they are seeing that they just stand there dumbfounded. All Harlequin models within the charging unit gains +1 strength and an additional +1 attack. Target unit fights at Int 1.

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