Episode 216: Space Clowns Review

This week Lange and Nathan review the new Harlequins codex for WarHammer 40K. Does this new version of the old Space Clowns bring the army into the light of day once again? Does the addition of 3 new warlord trait tables make the army something worth taking on it’s own? Also, how exactly does one cast Phantasmancy spells in the 40K universe? FLY YOU FOOLS!! Listen and enjoy!

[WARNING! Jaded Gamercast is meant for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

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6 thoughts on “Episode 216: Space Clowns Review

  1. So…..the solitaire comes base with a 3+ invul so the starmist raiment is not tailored for him as you first thought. Probably something you’d use to help keep your troupe master alive so if he rolls up one of those dirty WL traits, he can live long enough to actually use it.

  2. I don’t know guys, I just don’t get the Harlequin hate. I don’t see how they’re any sillier than most of the stuff in Chaos (like Khorne, a god of blood and skulls who lives in his skull palace, sitting on his skull throne and skuldy skully skully skull skull). Or 20 brothers who all have a defining neurotic personality quirk and a name that encapsulates their persona like they were a My Little Pony. Or Orks who’s technology operates on the quantum power of positive thinking.

    Anyway, I do think you’re spot on about the codex, and I really wanted it to be good myself. The detachment and force org stupidity, plus the general mediocrity of most of the units just kills my enthusiasm. I’ve got a Solitaire on order just because I’ve always thought they were cool in fluff, but even that I think you’re over valuing. I don’t know your line of thinking on it, but the mistake I think a lot of people are making is looking at it and going “Holy crap, one model with 12 attacks!” when they should be going “Eh, one unit with 12 attacks.” The one nice thing is his Rending+ attacks will be precision hits, which makes him good for assassinating heavy weapons or Sgts, but he just can’t possibly kill his way through most opponents. He’s supposed to be a melee heavy hitter but he’ll struggle to make up his points by killing things.

  3. Just got to the end of another great episode, props as always!

    I guess I come back to my usual comment when people point at something in 40k and tell me: “that is stupid, what the hell were they thinking????” why are we drawing the line at Harlequins, or a lord of skulls or a space marine or goff rockers? I don’t think you can get away with doing it and not sounding extremely arbitrary. If you were attacking the design alone or the rules alone then sure, but the whole concept? Not too sure you can do that within the overall context of 40k as there are so many crazy over the top “metal” ideas that crazy space clowns that are possessed by demons and only wear checks, don’t even make the top 100 of the list.

    I agree with you that it seems weird that a list that was obviously designed to be used as an allied detachment doesn’t have a HQ choice, although I think this may be an example of GW saying “fuck you” to people who are clinging to only using CADs and allies to play their games, they are socially conditioning us through the army lists and choices that are available to us to play the game the way they want us to, which is ironically to play it with very little structure and however we like…

    They are also an almost useless army if what you are looking for is a hard hitting close combat ally. After reading the codex and having a think I feel that they are going to be used at force multipliers in DE and E armies through the use of shadowseers and solitaires, and then min units of troops. I doubt we will ever see troupe masters as WL as they will never play as the main detachment.

    Just a quick point on bringing back ideas from the past of GW: Gamers love nostalgia, gamers love new stuff, put the two together and you get a risk free marketing strategy…

    Also jsut on a side note: i found maple bacon ale here in Sydney, however they want $25 a bottle for it…was so disapponted

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